JKBOSE Class 9th Kashmiri Book Answers | Guide | Notes | Pdf Download 2022

Class 9th Kashmiri Book Answers Pdf Download | No Need of Guide & Notes | JKBOSE 9th Class Study Material

Here at vaadilive, we will be treating the students of class 9th with the complete notes of Kashmiri book so that you don’t need to consult the guide and other content . The study material has been compiled in accordance with the syllabus of JKBOSE. These notes shall comprise of all the textual solutions plus any book work related to grammar. You can pdf download the Class 9th Kashmiri Book Answers in pdf free of cost.

Class 9th Kashmiri Book Answers Pdf Download Guide Notes Jkbose ​

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9th Class Kashmiri Textbook Complete Notes Download 2022

There are a total of 22 Chapters in Class 9th Kashmiri textbook that include question answers and other supplementary book work. Below is the list of chapters included in the Kashmiri Book for Class 9th. Download the Kashmiri Book Answers from the link given below :

Chapter No Name of Chapter   Download Link
1) Goda Kath Download Pdf
2)  Kashir Zabaan Download Pdf
3)  Ozone Te Fizhich Aloodgi Download Pdf
4) Khoon Te Khoonich Kami Download Pdf
5) Shah Asrar ud din
6) Keh Kashir Talmeeh
7) Katji Bachi Te Alla Beoul
8) Meti Tog Na Kehen
9) Ropiya
10) Faiyda
11) And He is Out
12) Mujrim
13) Naat
14) Laila
15) Gazal
16) Gazal
17) Kraej Tulaan Heemal Gari Fasaad
18) Insaan Kun
19) Khaandar Naama
20) Yaa Dosto
21) Kasheer
22) Rubaayi


All those students who want to download the notes of Urdu for 9th class, may download them from the link provided in the article.

All you need to do is just relax and get your Class 9th Kashmiri notes just at your finger tips. Check out the sample of our study material below :

Class 9th Kashmiri Book Answers Pdf Download Guide Notes Jkbose ​

JKBOSE Chapter Wise Introduction of 9th Kashmiri Book | Pdf Download All Chapters

Class 9th Chapter 1 (Goda Kath | Introduction ) 

The Chapter first of Kashmiri Class 9th is about the introduction of Kashmiri language and it’s importance in our societies. Students need to go through this chapter to know about the language.

Class 9 Kashmiri Chapter 2 ( Kasheer Zabaan | Kashmiri Language) 

The Chapter 2 of Class 9th is titled as Kasheer Zabaan (Kashmiri Language). It makes us understand the history of our mother tongue and where it is spoken. You can download it from the link above.

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Chapter 3 ( Ozone te Fizhahich Aloodgi – Ozone and Atmospheric Pollution) 

Class 9th Kashmiri Book Answers Pdf Download Guide Notes Jkbose ​

The Chapter 3 of Kashmiri Book teaches and makes us aware regarding the importance of Ozone and the deadly consequences of environmental pollution. It also teaches us the ways we should adapt to save our environment.

Chapter 4 (Khoon Te Khoonich Kami | Blood and It’s Deficiency) 

Class 9th Kashmiri Book Answers Pdf Download Guide Notes Jkbose ​

This is a very informative chapter that makes the students aware of the composition of human blood and the symptoms of it’s deficiency. Download it from the link above.

Chapter 5 (Shah Asraar ud din (r.a)) 

This lesson is about the biography of a Islamic Saint named as Shah Asraar Ud Din (R.A). How he lived a pious life and about his mysterious death.

Chapter 6 Class 9th Kashmiri Book Answers (Keh Kasheer Talmeeh – Some Kashmiri Proverbs/ Sayings) 

This lesson mentions some stories and how those stories serve as a lesson in the form of moral sayings. It consists of 3 stories, each providing us with a proverb.

Chapter 7 (Katji Bachi Te Alla Beoul | Little Swallow and Bottle Gourd Seed) 

This is a story of a weaver, a carpenter and a swallow bird. It’s a very interesting story that teaches us many lessons of kindness etc.

Chapter 8 (Meti Tog Na Kehei | I Could Do Nothing) 

This chapter has been written on a very interesting topic. It has been written by Akhtar Mohi uddin. You can get pdf download it from the link above.

JKBOSE Kashmiri Book Chapter 9 (Ropiya | Money) 

Class 9th Kashmiri Book Answers Pdf Download Guide Notes Jkbose ​

This chapter is quite touching and makes us aware regarding the greed of humans and the importance of nature in our lives.

Chapter 10 (Faiyda | Benefit) 

Written by Doctor Omkar Koul, this is both a humorous and informative lesson to learn a lot from.

Chapter 11 Kashmiri Notes For Class 9th (And He is Out) 

The 11th Chapter of Class 9 Kashmiri Book showcases the gully cricket of towns and villages. The hues and cries, the little fights and the bruises that the players go through while playing the game.

Chapter 12 (Mujrim | Culprit) 

The lesson is accusing the human population of a crime against the environment and ecosystem he thrives in.

Chapter 13 (Naat | Salutations on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 

The Naat is basically praising the last messenger of Islam – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Chapter 14 (Lila) 

You can download the notes of this chapter from the link above.

Chapter 15 (Gazal) 

Gazal is basically a poem mostly focused on women or one’s beloved. You can have access to it’s guide answers from the link above.

Chapter 16 | Guide Answers ( Gazal)

Same as Above

Chapter 17 (Kraej Tul Heemal Gari Fasaad) 

This is a humorous poem and you can have access to it from the link given in the table above.

Chapter 18 (Insaan Kun) 

This poem highlights the transformation of human from a real being to something inhumane.

Chapter 19 ( Khaandar Naama | A Marriage Scene) 

This is funny chapter that tells us about a certain marriage function where the attendants resort to chaos.

Chapter 20 (Ya Doosto | O Friends) 

This chapter is written by Mir Ghulam Rasool Nazki. Get it in pdf format from the link given above.

Chapter 21 (Kasheer | Kashmir) 

Written by Prem Naath Shaad, the chapter highlight and praises the beauty of Kashmir valley.


Chapter 22 (Rubaaye) 

This is the last chapter of Kashmiri Class 9th and can be downloaded from the link above.

Apart from, Kashmiri Textbook, there is also some grammar work comprising of some essays, letters etc and it will also be uploaded In Sha Allah in coming future. Stay in touch with us.

Besides, Kashmiri notes for Class 9th , we will also be uploading the study materials for other subjects like Science, SST (History, Political Science, Geography, Economics etc) and Urdu as well so the students feel quite easy to prepare for board exams.

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