JKBOSE Solutions for Class 9th Political Science

Class 9th Political Science | JKBOSE Solutions


JKBOSE Solutions for Class 9 Civics  provides students a clear understanding of the political and democratic practices in the world especially in India. Class 9th Political Science textbook solutions give students an advantage with the conceptual questions. These notes help students in exams as well as in their daily homework routine. The solutions included are easy to understand, and each step in the solution is described to suit all levels of students.

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Chapter Wise Description of Class 9 Political Science

Here, you will understand the brief description of the lessons in the Class 9 Civics.

Class 9th political science JKBOSE solutions Textbook Chapters Pdf

Chapter 1: What is Democracy? Why is Democracy?


This chapter highlights the basics of Democracy and Democratic governments democratic form of government and non-democratic government.


Chapter 2: Constitutional Design


This chapter gives an insight of origination and importance of the Indian Constitution .


Chapter 3: Electoral Politics


Through this chapter, students will get to know about the election process in India and also look into each stage of an election process in the country.


Chapter 4: Working of Institutions


In this chapter, students will get to know how the different organs of government work in India.


Chapter 5: Democratic Rights


The last chapter of Class 9 Civics aims to focus on all the rights guaranteed by a democratic government.

Textbook Answers (PDF) for Class 9th Civics | All Chapters


Chapter Name  Download Link
Why Democracy Click here
Constitutional Design Click here
Electoral Politics Click here
Working of Institutions Click here
Democratic Rights Click here


JKBOSE Solutions Class 9 Civics – Access Chapter wise Answers from above link.

Students can meanwhile download the NCERT & JKBOSE Concept Key Notes Solutions to revise all chaptersand also score high in the exams.

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