JKBOSE Class 8th Kashmiri Solutions PDF | Guide | Download

Download JKBOSE Class 8th Kashmiri Solutions Notes | Pdf Download | Kashmiri Guide | Answers

The Kashmiri subject of class 8th is as important as others. It has been included in the curriculum in order to make the students get a feeling of their mother tongue. There is also a reason for inculcating the subject and that is to make the future generation aware of their culture. So we have made some efforts to upload JKBOSE Class 8th Kashmiri solutions that you can download for free in pdf format. Lessons will be uploaded gradually. Once you go through these notes, you need not consult a guide and other supplementary.

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JKBOSE Class 8th Kashmiri Solutions PDF | Guide | Download

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The Class 8th exam is an important part of a student’s life as the topics taught in this class form the foundation for the higher classes. Students in Jammu & Kashmir Board preparing for JKBOSE Class 8 exam need to ensure that they prepare thoroughly and pass the exam with flying colors.

The table below gives a brief description of the Jammu & Kashmir Board Class 8 exam.

There are   19   chapters in Kashmiri. You need to learn them all to pass the subject with flying colors. Kashmiri is somewhat like Urdu in writing and there are many students out there who are weak in Urdu subjects which points to the fact that they are poor in Kashmiri also. Such students should practice harder to excel in both subjects.

Besides, in Kashmiri, we will be uploading formats for other subjects like Maths, English, SST, and Science as well so that you don’t feel any hindrance in studying.

JKBOSE Class 8th Kashmiri Solutions PDF | Guide | Download


Click Here to Get Chapter 1 Goda Kath

Chapter 2

The total number of chapters in the Kashmiri Book of 8th Class is 18. The name of Chapter 2 is Dua ( Prayer). The lesson is basically a poem written by Ghulam Ahmad Afzal. In this poem, the poet prays for salvation and implores Allah to have mercy on him and answer his every prayer. If you want to download the 8th Class Kashmiri Book answers, Click the link below :

Click here to get PDF

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is called Deda Rani. This lesson tells us about the history of Kashmir which starts with a king named Khemgupt, who was inefficient. He dies of some disease and his son couldn’t ascend the throne due to his tender age. The solutions of this chapter can be accessed by clicking on the link below. You need to pdf download it below :

The lesson also comprises Muhavras (Proverbs), which have also been included in the notes. Besides Muhavras, there’s also some Kashmiri grammar that needs to be done. It has also been done in order to make it easier for students in their homework.

Click to Get Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 4th of Kashmiri’s book is Aloodgi (Pollution). The lesson discusses the environmental pollution that has plagued our Earth and its inhabitants. The pollution has not only affected humans but also other creatures of land and water. You can download the Class 8th Kashmiri answers pdf for many chapters.


Chapter 4 is a beautiful lesson that wants us to know the importance of a clean environment and the effects of pollution on the environment. If we don’t make our environment clean and continue making it unclean, then we can’t survive.

Download Chapter 4

Chapter 5

8th Class Kashmiri Chapter 5 | Answers

An Poshi Teli Yeli Wann Poshi (When there are forests, there will be life, food, and survival) is a famous quote from the great Kashmiri saint Sheikh ul Aalam. The lesson teaches us the importance of forests and how we humans derive innumerable benefits from it. This 8th Class Kashmiri Chapter 5 can be considered one of the best topics humans need to learn now.

Download Kashmiri Chapter 5: Click here

The lesson needs to be taught with great care in order to make the students learn the basics of the environment

Chapter 6

8th Class Kashmiri Answers Pdf

Chapter number 6 of Kashmiri is named Rafaaqat (Compassion). It tells us how we can be compassionate with each other. How we can help those in need. Chapter 6 teaches us to be compassionate with the creation of Allah. Also, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also taught us to be compassionate not only to humans but to animals also. We have compiled the 8th Class Kashmiri answers pdf at our web portal.

Rafaqat is actually a poem that tells us about an incident wherein Bulbul (a bird) has lost its way back home. It is already dark and all its companions have reached home. He can’t find his way home due to extreme darkness and is afraid that his family might get worried about his well-being.

Amidst such hopelessness, comes a creature, Jugnu who is bestowed with light by Allah. He comes near the stressed creature and questions him regarding the problem.

The bulbul narrates the whole story to Jugnu. The jugnu feels sorry for Bulbul but fills his heart with hope and motivation. He tells Bulbul not to worry as he would be his guide in extreme darkness. He would show him the way back home.

In this way, Bulbul’s worry is minimized and he is helped by a tiny glowing creature. The lesson teaches us the moral ethics that a human must adopt so that this planet becomes full of peace.

To download the solutions in Chapter 6 of Kashmiri: Click here

Chapter 7

JKBOSE Chapter 7 Kashmiri Answers | Download Pdf

The name of Chapter 7 is Mukhdoom Saahib (r.a). Also called Hamza Makhdoom was a Sufi saint living in Kashmir. He is sometimes known as Mehboob-ul-Alam and Sultan-ul-Arifeen.

Makhdoom Sahib

He was born in 1494, in Kashmir and died in 1563, in Srinagar. Hamza Makhdum (1494-1563), also called Mehboob-Ul-Alam, and Sultan-Ul-Arifeen, and popularly known as “Makdoom Sahib”, was a sage born to Baba Usman, of the Chandra-Vanshi Rajput family, hailing from Kangra, (Hindu Pandits or Brahmins in the region of India-held Kashmir). He was a hereditary landlord, a scholar, and a mystic Sufi Muslim saint of a high order.

For Solutions Chapter 7 Onwards :

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Answers for Kashmiri Guide Class 8th


Name of Lesson   Pdf Download
1) Goda Kath   Click here
2) Awaaz Te Awaaz..  
3) Dua Click here
4) Deda Rani Click here
5) Aloodgi Click here
6) An Poshi Teli Wan.. Click here
7) Rafaaqat Click here
8) Makhdoom Sahib Click here
9) Red Cross Click here
10) Raiyi (Ants)  Click here
11) MaanSar Click here
12) Kokur Chu Wanaan Click here
13) Maanch Tulr (Bee)  Click here
14) Nasti Phupij Click here
15) Yeth Resh Waari…  Click here
16) Hawai Jahaaz Click here
17) Kasheer Hinz Keh..  Click here
18) Daaka Woul Click here
19) Rath Click here


Besides, the JKBOSE Class 8th Kashmiri solutions and answers, we will be uploading solutions for other subjects like Maths, English, Urdu, SST, and Science as well. Just a little patience.

We have also uploaded chapters and guess for class 10th, 11th, and 12th class that you can also have access to from the below links.

Click here for JKBOSE 10th Urdu Guess Paper

Kashmiri Subject is asked to prepare for only till 9th class. In the 10th class, there is a Kashmiri book but it is not included in the exams. There have been many attempts by many to get the subject included in the final exams. But as of yet, the subject has not been included in the syllabus.

Besides the Kashmiri subjects, there is also Kashmiri grammar which includes the basics of the Kashmiri language. It comprises essays, letters, and parts of speech.

Do you think, Kashmiri subjects must be included in Class 10th also? Why is it important to include the mother language in the JKBOSE curriculum? Kindly provide your valuable suggestions in the comments in order for us to know how many citizens are in favor of including it in the curriculum.

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