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Free JKBOSE | NCERT Solutions For Class 9th | Baharistan Urdu Notes & Answers

Download 9th Urdu Guide Books & Study Resources : Are you one among thousands of students who are looking for free and best Baharistan Urdu Notes and Solutions. Then stay care free and enter into a world of free NCERT solutions and answers for various subjects including Urdu. You can download the study material for Class 9th in pdf format and that too without spending a penny or dime. In order to download class 9th Urdu Guide Book, you have go through the whole article.These notes have been uploaded keeping in mind the syllabus of JKBOSE.

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Download 9th Urdu Guide Book JKBOSE NCERT PDF Baharistan Urdu ​

Download 9th Urdu Guide Book Study Material

There are many students of Class 9th who find it quite difficult to read and learn Baharistan Urdu Notes because they are weak in it. They need to first learn the basics from their family members or from the teachers and should not feel weary. Yes, It will take time, but you are surely going to excellent in the subject if you practice on regular basis.

Introduction to Chapters of Class 9 Urdu Book

We have provided a brief introduction of some of the chapters of Class 9th Urdu Book so that the students find it easy to understand the Urdu notes and chapters.

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Part 1st : Mazameen 

In this section, there are 05 chapters. You can download from the links given.

Name of Chapter  Download Link
1) Insaan i Kaamil Click here
2) Information Technology Click here
3) Urdu Kahan Paida Hui
4) Deewan Marhoom Ki Yaad Me
5) Maholiyati Aalodgi


Part 2nd : Drama

Here, in this section there is only one chapter. Get it from the link below:

Lottery Ka Ticket


Part 3 : Afsaana

Dard Ka Maara


Part 4 : Novel

Name of Chapter Download Link
Mein Ek Sheher Tha
Ghalib Ke Khatoot


Part 5: Gazaliyaat :

A number of chapters have been included in Gazal portion of Baharistan Urdu Book. Check them below :

Name of Lesson Download Link
Firaak Gorakhpuri Click here
Meer Ghulaam Rasool Nazki
Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Tanha Ansaari
Shorida Kashmiri
Aabid Munavri
Pritpal Singh Betaab


Part 6 : Nazm

In the Nazm section of Class 9th , there are a total of 06 chapters. Download them below:

Name of Chapter Download Link
Taleem Se Be Tawajuhi Ka Nateeja
Nayi Tehzeeb
Bazm e Anjum
Pari Mahal



Duniya Ki Naapaidaari


Chapter 1st Insaan e Qaamil :The name of the first chapter of Class 9th Urdu Guide Book is Insaan i Kaamil. It means A Perfect Being . It’s about Islam’s last and final Prophet, Muhammad (Pbuh). The lesson showcases the life history of Prophet (Pbuh). How greatly and honestly he lived his life and left an everlasting legacy of his manners and way of life to human kind.

Download 9th Urdu Guide Book JKBOSE NCERT PDF Baharistan Urdu ​

Chapter 2nd Information Technology : The Second Chapter is titled as Information Technology . It tells us about the history of how the tools of communication changed over time and how the humans found ways to invent most advanced gadgets and tools for the comfort of mankind.


Download 9th Urdu Guide Book

Check out the rest of chapters below :

Chapter 3 Urdu Kahan Paida Hui | Where Did Urdu Originate : The Third Chapter is about the history of Urdu language, how it got introduced in the world and it’s status right now.


Chapter 4 Deewan Marhoom Ki Yaad Mein : Written by Shameem Ahmad Shameem, this lesson showcases the reality of death.


Chapter 5 Maholiyaat Aloodgi | Environmental Pollution : The 4th chapter teaches us about the importance of Environment in our lives and how we can prevent it’s exploitation.


Chapter 6 Lottery Ka Ticket : This lesson is basically a drama that is a bit humorous. It revolves around a person who impatiently waits for his win in a lottery game.


Chapter 7 Dard Ka Maara (Inflicted By Sufferings) :

This lesson tells us about a skilled craftsman of Kashmir, Samad Joo who sells wooden items that are just masterpieces of his hard work.


Chapter 8 Mein Ek Sheher Tha – Poonch : Written by Krishan Chand, the lesson is about author’s native village Poonch where he grew up and where his roots lie despite being away.


Gazals | Nazm | Masnoi | JKBOSE Urdu Notes Pdf

Download 9th Urdu Guide Book JKBOSE NCERT PDF Baharistan Urdu ​

Besides the above NCERT lessons, there is Gazal portion, Nazam portion and the Masnooi portion. Every concept has been include in these JKBOSE Urdu notes that you can download in pdf version.


In order  to download 9th Urdu Guide Book study material , you need to regularly visit our JKBOSE Notes section of our web portal where we will be updating the relevant link whenever the notes are ready or published

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