JKBOSE Class 8th English Notes | Tulip Series Answers

JKBOSE Class 8th English Notes | Tulip Series Solutions Answers


The English subject of class 8th is a very important subject that needs to be taken seriously. The English textbook has been included in the syllabus of Class 8th. Apart from English Tulip Series, there is a grammar portion also included. There is also a reason for inculcating grammar and that is to make the students learn the basics of the English language. Today we will post JKBOSE Class 8th English notes and solutions answers. Students can download the lessons for free in pdf format. All lessons will be uploaded with time. After you read these notes, you need not go for a guide and other sources.

JKBOSE Class 8th English Notes  | Tulip Series Answers

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There are almost 22 chapters in English. For that, you need to memorize them all, question by question to understand and pass the subject with pretty good scores. Most of the students don’t focus on grammar and focus on only textbooks by just memorizing them. English is somewhat conceptual and students need to read the lessons and try to write the answers in their own words. For that students should practice harder to excel in the subjects.

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Class 8th English Guide Download

Apart from English, we will be posting formats for other subjects like Mathematics, Kashmiri, Social Studies, and Science. The lessons on the Kashmiri subject for class 8th have been uploaded successfully. You can get them from the link below :

Click Here

In order to download the JKBOSE Class 8th English notes and solutions answers in pdf format for free, the students must ensure that they have a reader in their respective smartphones. In order to access the lessons, follow the steps :

  • Install a reader on your smartphone if it is not in there.
  • After the successful installation, visit our portal and click on the link provided in the article.
  • Download the chapters (Tulip Series) and then access the notes through your application
  • Share them with your friends, classmates, and those in need.

Tulip Series Guide for English Class 8th | JKBOSE Class 8th English Notes

jkbose class 8th english notes Solutions answers Tulip series Pdf Guide


JKBOSE Class 8th English Notes | Tulip Series Answers


Name of Lesson Pdf Download
1) How Teachers Learn Download
2) Life Download
3) Global Warming Download
4) For God’s Sake Hold Thy Tongue Download
5) Polo – The King of Games Download
6) Julius Caesar Download
7) Polythene Download
8) Nation’s Strength Download
9) Porus and His Elephant Download
10) The Bangle Seller Click to Download
11) Prayer for Strength Click to Download
12) The Brook Click to download
13) Mercy Click to download
14) Wrinkles Click to download
15) Meeting Poets Click to download
16) Stars Speak to Man Click to download
17) Summer & Winter Click to download
18) The Unthankful Man Download
19) Achilles Download
20) Colors of Rainbow Click to download
21) Rustum & Sohrab Download
22) A Strange Trial Available Soon


The above notes can be downloaded free of cost and have been prepared by Mr. Muneer Sir. Thanks to his hard work and his dedication to providing the notes for all the students out there. May Allah reward him for such work.

In continuation, in the JKBOSE Class 8th English notes and answers, there will be notes for other subjects like Maths, English, Urdu, SST, and Science as well. The Class 8th Kashmiri notes (guide format will also be available) have already been uploaded.

We have also uploaded chapters and guess for class 10th, 11th, and 12th class that you can also have access to from the below links.

Click here for JKBOSE 10th Urdu Guess Paper

English subject pretty important to prepare for as it is the only subject that will remain with you till you complete your studies irrespective of what issues you choose. Arts, Medical, Home Science, Commerce; whatever topics you choose after the 10th class, there will be an English book that you have to prepare for the exams.


Besides JKBOSE Class 8th English Notes subject, there is also English grammar which includes the basics of the English language like tenses, and parts of speech. It also comprises essays and letters that you need not only to learn but understand how they are composed.

Do you think, English grammar must be taught since primary classes? Why is it important to include English grammar in the JKBOSE syllabus? Kindly provide your valuable suggestions in the comments in order for us to know how many citizens are in favor of including it in the curriculum.

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