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Physics Chemistry Biology Notes | Class 9th Science Study Material PDF Download


Download Class 9th Science Study Material and Science Handwritten Solutions for session 2021-2022. Here at vaadilive, we are in continuous pursuit of providing to our valuable students the best and high quality study resources. These latest notes are strictly based on the latest JKBOSE syllabus and book for term and unit exams 2022. Download them in pdf format and enjoy your learning experience.

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These handwritten resources comprise of all subjects like Science (Physics Chemistry Biology) , Mathematics, Social Studies, Urdu and Kashmiri . We have tried our best to make sure that the study material covers each and every important topic from the Class 9th textbook as prescribed by JKBOSE. These study materials are completely free of cost and having them in your phone would surely help you in your studies wherever you are. After studying the study material you will In Sha Allah score better marks in your Unit or Term examinations. Class 9th  Science study material for other subjects are also available with us can be downloaded at our web portal.


JKBOSE Class 9th Science Book Solutions | Physics Chemistry Biology


The Class 9th Science Study material comprise of all the theoretical work comprising of textual solutions and answers. You can easily get decent marks in your examinations if your go through these solutions and answers. You can also share these Class 9 Science Handwritten material with your friends.

Physics Study Material for Class 9th 

There are a total of five chapters of Class 9th Physics. All are equally important and need to revised fully from scratch to end. We have not only provided the textual questions and answers but also some important topics and concepts as well that will help you understand each and every topic in the most comfortable way.

Class 9th Science study material Book JKBOSE Notes Pdf

Chapter Name Download Link
Motion Download
Forces & Laws of Motion Download
Gravitation Download
Work and Energy Download
Sound Download


Chemistry Solutions for Class 9th

There are as many as 04 chapters in Chemistry part of Class 9th Science. Chemistry needs to be learnt by heart with all the general concepts cleared in easy ways. The study material of Chemistry covers all important topics so that the learners don’t feel any discomfort while preparing for their exams.

Class 9th Science study material Book JKBOSE Notes Pdf

Name of Chapters Download Pdf
Is Matter Around Us Pure Download
Atoms & Molecules Download
Structure of Atom Download


Biology Solutions of Class 9 

Biology of Class 9th contains most number of chapters and they are theoretically more important. Besides, there, also includes practical work that needs to be done to aid your knowledge in Science. You can download the chapters of Class 9th Biology from the link below:

Class 9th Science study material Book JKBOSE Notes Pdf

Name of Chapters Download Link
Cell – Fundamental Unit of Life Download
Tissues Download
Diversity in Living Organisms Download
Why Do We Fall Ill Download
Natural Resources Download
Improvement of Food Resources Download


Class 9th Study Material / Notes For Other Subjects: 

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