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Download and study JKBOSE 11th Commerce Notes PDF Download for free. With an aim to provide free study material, we have tried to upload notes for class 11th for almost all streams and subjects. The notes and modal guess papers provided at our web portal are simple and easy to grasp. The commerce students will find these notes easy to understand. These study materials include Accountancy subject, Business Studies and Entrepreneurship.

 Class 11th Commerce notes are prepared by highly qualified and experienced faculty, keeping in mind the weak and challenging topics that require some effort to excell.

   Some of the topics given in class 11 Commerce are very crucial and needs to be excelled in a time bound manner. The concepts which appear in class 11 are essential, and a student has to master these very concepts which emphasize business, trade, and commerce.

Download Class 11th Accountancy Book & Study Material | All Chapters  Solutions | Answers 

The Accountancy book of Class 11th Commerce is quite deep and is comprised of     chapters. The book needs to be looked through besides the notes. It is because, the book provides the basic concepts and ideas related to the subject. Class 11th Commerce book should be read by the students to score better marks. We have provided some of the names of chapters including the brief introduction of each.

Download Notes For Class 11 Accounts:

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Unit 1: Introduction to Accounting (06 Marks) 

(i) Book keeping Meaning, Accounting meaning, objectives. Difference between Book-keeping and Accounting, Accounting as source cr information, internal and external users of Accounting information and their needs.

(ii) Qualitative characteristics of Accounting information-reliability, relevance, Understandability and comparability.

(iii) Basic accounting terms: business transaction, account, capital, drawings, Liability (Non-current and current)


Unit 2: Theory Base of Accounting (06 Marks) 

(i) Accounting Principles-concept

(ii) Accounting principles: Accounting Entity, Money measurement, Going Concern, Accounting Period, Costs Concept, Dual Aspect, Revenue Recognition (Realisation), Matching concept, Accrual, Full Disclosure, Consistency. Conservatism, Matenality

(iii) Accounting Standards and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)’ Concept

(iv) Bases of Accounting—Cash Basis, Accrual Basis


Unit 3: Recording of Business Transactions 

I) Accounting Equation Approach—Meaning and Analysis of transactions using Accounting Equation. Rules of Debit and Credit—traditional and modem approach.

(iii) Recording of Transactions: Books of original entry — Journal, Special Purpose Books

(iv) Ledger-meaning, utility, format; posting from Joumal and Subsiaiary books; Balancing of Accounts.

(v) Bank reconciliation statement- calculating bank balance at accounting date: need and preparation.


Unit 4: Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors (5 Marks ) 

(i) Trial balance: Meaning, objectives and preparation, (Scope: Trial Balance with balance method).

(ii) Error: Types of Errors: Errors of omission, commission, principles and compensating errors affecting Trial Balance; errors not affecting Trial Balance.

(iii) Detection and Rectification of Errors (One Sided and Two Sided); use of Suspense Account.


Unit 5: Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves

(i) Depreciation: Meaning and need for charging depreciation, factors affecting depreciation, methods of depreciation-Straight Line method, Wntten Down Value method (excluding change in method).

Unit 6: Accounting for Bills of Exchange 05 Marks 

(i) Bills of exchange and Promissory Note: definition, features, parties, specimen and distinction.

(ii) Important terms: term of bill, due date, days of grace, date of maturity, discounting of bill, endorsement of bill, bill sent for collection, dishonour of bill, noting of bill, retirement and renewal of a bill.

(iii) Accounting treatment of bill transactions.



Download Class 11th Business Studies | Chapter Wise Introduction 

So far as Business Studies of Class 11th Commerce Notes Pdf Download is concerned, it contains as many as     chapters. Check out the list of lessons in the subject below with main points mentioned in each.

Chapter 1: Nature and Purpose of Business 

I) Concept and characteristics of business > Business, profession and employment – distinctive features II) Objectives of business – economic and social, role of profit in business

III) Classification of business activities: Industry and Commerce O Industry – types: primary, secondary, tertiary o Commerce: Trade and Auxiliaries 0 Business risks – nature and causes


Chapter 2: Forms of Business Organisation


I) Sole Proprietorship; Joint Family Business-meaning, features, merits and limitations; Partnership- meaning, types, registration, merits, limitations, types of partners;



Chapter 3:Private, Public & Global Enterprises 


Private Sector and Public Sector Forms of organising public sector enterprises Departmental Undertaking Statutory Corporation • Government Company Changing role of public sector Global Enterprises : meaning and features Joint ventures- meaning, benefits.


Chapter 4: Business Services 


I) Nature and types of Business services – Banking, Insurance, Transportation, Ware housing, Communication.


Chapter 5: Emerging Modes of Business 


E-Business – Meaning, scope and benefits, Resources required for successful e-business implementation, On-line transactions, payment Mechanism, security and safety of business transactions; Outsourcing- concept, need and scope


Chapter 6: Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics 

Concept of social responsibility…..


Download Notes for 11th Business Studies:

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Download Class 11th Entrepreneurship : 


Apart from the above two subjects in Class 11th Commerce Notes Pdf Download, there’s another subject known as Entrepreneurship. It’s not as tough as the other two i.e Business Studies and Accountancy. The Chapter wise introduction is given below :

Unit I : Concept of Entrepreneurship:

Meaning, Definition and characteristics.

II. Functions and need of Eship.

III. Role of Eship in Economic development.

IV. Banners to Eship: Economic and technological.



I. Meaning, Definition and characteristics.

II. Types of entrepreneur.

III. Role & problems of women entrepreneur.

IV. Role of entrepreneur in generating national wealth and creation of employment.



I. Entrepreneurship motivation-Meaning & Concept.

II. Six C’s for entrepreneurial motivation: Change, Challenge, Creativity, Curiosity, Control & Cash.

III. Help & support to entrepreneur by state & central bodies.




I. Entrepreneur Skill-Meaning & Concept.

II. Importance of Skill development.

III. Techniques of skill development.

IV. Qualities of a successful entrepreneur.



I. Meaning of market dynamics.

II. Causes of market dynamics.

III. Competitive analysis of market.


Sample Papers | Modal Guess Papers | Previous Year Question Papers for Entrepreneurship | Accountancy | Business Studies

The modal guess papers of JKBOSE Class 11th Commerce will help the students a lot during their exams. These include previous year question papers, sample papers, guess papers and modal papers. These papers contain questions asked in the board exams of previous years. Likewise, the modal or sample papers contain the paper pattern with marks break up. Further more the guess papers contain all the important questions prepared by teachers or experts in the field.

JKBOSE Class 11th Commerce Syllabus 2022

The syllabus 2022 of Class 11th Commerce can be downloaded from the link given below :

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