Sheikh Noor ud Din Wali (RA) | Class 9th English | Chapter 4 Answers

Sheikh Noor ud Din Wali | Answers for Chapter 4 |  Class 9th English

Hazrat Sheikh Noor ud din wali (RA) is also known as Nund Ryesh. He was born in 1377 A. D at Kaimoh, Kulgam area of South Kashmir. The Sheikh won popularity in every nook and corner of Kashmir. He said many quotes that are still popular today. Sheikh died in Rupwan in 1438 A. D. This is the chapter 4 of Class 9th English. If you want to get the answers of this chapter, you can download it in pdf version from the link below :

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Q1. Why did Shaikh Nur-ud-Din Wali (RA) enter the cave?

Ans. Shaikh Noor-ud-Din Wali entered the cave for penance and self purification where he meditated for 12 long years to purify his self.

Q2. What made the people flock to the Shaikh?

Ans. After tough meditation for 12 years, he had become a true missionary. So, people began to flock to the Shaikh to hear his preaching’s and he came to have a large number of followers.

Q3. What does Shaikh-ul-Aalam mean?

Ans. Shaikh-ul-Aalam means the spiritual guide of the world or a saint of world stature.

Q4. What kind of life did Shaikh-uI-Aalam lead?

Ans. The Shaikh was a true ascetic. He devoted his life to the service of people and became an example of simplicity and truthfulness.

Q5. What did Shaikh-ul-Aalam teach the people?

Ans: The Shaikh was a true saint, who had purified his soul through meditation. He taught the people to live on honest earning and be always humble. He taught them to be simple, truthful, just, and unselfish and to serve the poor, keep God’s fear always in mind and never forget the Doom’s Day. 

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Quotes of Sheilkh Noor-ud-din

We have some of the sayings of Noor-ud-din (RA) that point to spirituality and onness of Allah. He has also pointed towards the deception of this world.

sheikh noor ud din wali Class 9th English Answers Chapter 4 Quotes

sheikh noor ud din wali Class 9th English Answers Chapter 4 Quotes

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