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Are you one among thousands of students looking for pdf content for JKBOSE Class 12th Study Material and that too for free. If the answer is yes, then get ready to traverse a lot of high quality productive content and pdf download it for free. We, at Vaadilive, have made efforts to filter out the most relevant data that will surely help the students of Class 12th in their academic sessions. A lot of effort has been made to upload JKBOSE Class 12th resources. Here, at our portal, the students will be able to access and download the latest NCERT | JKBOSE Study Materials for Class 12th. This study material comprises of NCERT Books, New Syllabus, NCERT Solutions, Revision Notes, etc.


The study resources will be very helpful for the students to easily grasp the concepts and excellent in the examinations.Go through the whole article to traverse through the download links of various links of almost all streams of Class 12th like Medical, Arts and Commerce.


Contents/ Topics : 

NCERT Class 12th Textbooks For JKBOSE Students

So far as textbooks of Class 12th standard is concerned, they are highly important and need to be throughly read before going through any other study material.

NCERT Class 12th text modules are crafted by the highly experienced and educated teaching experts. From NEET, JEE or other competitive exams, these modules serve as building blocks of the basics.

From the table below the students can download the PDF format of NCERT material for Class 12th. You can easily use these text materials to do your NCERT and JKBOSE Board Exam preparations in a much effective way.

Class 12th Textbooks  Download here

JKBOSE Class 12 Solutions in PDF Subject Wise


Now comes the most important part, the solutions and answers to the questions or some extra parts that may not be included in the book but needs to be cleared. This is one of the most challenging tasks in an individual’s academic career to look for all those study materials that too, the  must be in line with the syllabus.


Below given table contains the NCERT | JKBOSE Class 12th Study Material & Answers subject wise. You can download them as per your subject’s choice. Check out the below Subject wise notes. It’s free.



NCERT | JKBOSE Class 12th New Revision Notes


Apart from the answers, we have tried to upload the JKBOSE Class 12th Revision Notes , that will aid the students in their studies. These study materials have been made in line with the latest syllabus of JKBOSE. These study materials will not only make the students clear their confusion but will also their precious time. However, JKBOSE Revision Material for Class 12th can help you to keep your learning afresh. The pdf version of these study materials will enable you to revise your topics on the go . We have given here the complete subject wise revision modules for class 12th. Refer to the below given table to download them in PDF.

Class 12th Science ( Medical) Notes | Physics | Chemistry | Biology

The 12th / Hr Secondary Level can be challenging for students in the science stream as you will have to face your final board examinations. The marks you score will determine your future opportunities in the science field, and this can put a little pressure on some students. With practice, they can ease their tensions and also enjoy the process of studying.

There’s also a practical portion for Class 12th students that shouldn’t be overlooked. The practical works include Physics, Chemistry and Bio labs. They are very much important from examination point of view.

The subjects contained in Class 12th comprise of Physics | Chemistry | Biology. These materials won’t be only for class 12th students but they will also be helpful in several other competitive examinations like IIT JEE, AIEEE, VITEEE, IAS etc.

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The download link is given at the end of sub topic. Check it below :


Physics : 

There are a total of 15 chapters in Physics. All are quite important from NEET / JEE point of view. Below are the chapters of Physics Class 12th. The links to download them has been provided at the end.

Chapter 1: Electric Charges and Fields

Chapter 2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Chapter 3: Current Electricity

Chapter 4: Moving Charges and Magnetism

Chapter 5: Magnetism and Matter

JKBOSE Class 12th Study Material Books Solutions Notes Syllabus ​


Chapter 6: Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 7: Alternating Current

Chapter 8: Electromagnetic Waves

Chapter 9: Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

Chapter 10: Wave Optics

Chapter 11: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

Chapter 12: Atoms

Chapter 13: Nuclei

Chapter 14: Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devises and Simple Circuits

Chapter 15: Communication System


Chemistry : 

Chemistry of Class 12th contains 16 chapters. Below is the list of all chapters of Chemistry Class 12th :


Chapter 1 The Solid State

Chapter 2 Solutions

Chapter 3 Electrochemistry

Chapter 4 Chemical Kinetic

Chapter 5 Surface Chemistry

Chapter 6 General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

Chapter 7 The p-Block Elements

Chapter 8 The d and f Block Elements

JKBOSE Class 12th Study Material Books Solutions Notes Syllabus ​


Chapter 9 Coordination Compounds

Chapter 10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Chapter 11 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

Chapter 12 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

Chapter 13 Amines

Chapter 14 Biomolecule

Chapter 15 Polymers

Chapter 16 Chemistry in Everyday life


Biology : 

JKBOSE Class 12 Biology Chapter-wise notes uploaded by Vaadilive offer students with the summary of the chapters, important points to remember, detailed explanation of important concepts and illustrations for better comprehension and retaining of the chapter content.


Prepared by the panel of experienced teachers, these chapter-wise notes ease out the preparation and revision process of the students for the board examinations. Thus, these Chapter-wise Class 12 Biology study material are prepared strictly according to the NCERT Syllabus to ensure maximum preparation and good marks in the board examination.


Chapter-wise Biology Notes for Class 12


JKBOSE Class 12th Study Material Books Solutions Notes Syllabus ​







Chapter 1 – Reproduction in Organism

Chapter 2 – Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Chapter 3 – Human Reproduction

Chapter 4 – Reproductive Health

Chapter 5 – Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Chapter 6 – Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Chapter 7 – Evolution

Chapter 8 – Human Health and Disease

Chapter 9 – Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

Chapter 10 – Microbes in Human Welfare

Chapter 11 – Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

Chapter 12 – Biotechnology and its Applications

Chapter 13 – Organisms and Populations

Chapter 14 – Ecosystem

Chapter 15 – Biodiversity and Conservation

Chapter 16 – Environmental Issues

Name of Subject   Download Link
1) Physics  Click here
2) Chemistry  Click here
3) Botany  Click here
4) Zoology  Click here


Class 12th JKBOSE Notes for Arts | Political Science | Education | Sociology | Psychology

We have compiled and uploaded various Class 12 Arts subjects class notes, guides, chapter-summary, JKBOSE & NCERT solutions and study material for the students of CBSE/ICSE and other state board students. Class 12th Arts also needs to be studied in a thorough way to be able to qualify civil service exams like IAS and KAS apart from the government jobs.

JKBOSE Class 12th Study Material Books Solutions Notes Syllabus ​

The study materials include Psychology, Education, Political Science and Sociology and Urdu. Everyone subject is as important as other.

Political Science Class 12th Notes

Class 12th notes for Political Science help the student to make their preparation for the board exam confidently.

NCERT | JKBOSE Class 12 notes for political science helps in lowering the exam stress and anxiety of the students. 12th Class political science study material saves valuable time of students during board examinations.

All topics in the 12th political science revision material are according to the latest syllabus pattern and contain a simple language that assists the students to study and revise the syllabus with maximum accuracy. It encourages students to perceive everything to understand in plain terms to grasp the concepts better.


Psychology 12th Class Notes & Study Material

Class 12th Psychology should be learned with all the concepts. For that it is important that the Class 12 students keep practising to get better. For a subject like Psychology, students need to memorize the basics clearly . Getting access good Psychology material for class 12 does help in revision, and we provide the same on our platform. The Psychology notes for class 12 free PDF download allows you to gain an advantage by referring to study material written by teachers who have years of experience in the same.

Notes for Class 12th Education | JKBOSE 

JKBOSE Class 12 Education Notes have been prepared and compiled by toppers and teachers with years of experience. Further, they are all designed with the latest academic year subject material so that any difference in the syllabus is accounted for as well. NCERT | JKBOSE Class 12  Education Notes are very useful and important because, it is necessary that all questions are answered in an efficient manner. By going through these Education Notes for class 12 , students will suffer no difficulty or any tension before exams as they will be fully prepared in advance for their board exams.

Also, these education notes for class 12 are easy to understand and includes all the study material with almost all topics clearly described and in a best manner. You can download them from the links provided at the end.


Class 12th JKBOSE Sociology Notes 

Here at our portal, we try to provide the Chapter Wise Class 12 Sociology Notes in english and that too for free. With the help of these notes, the students can score well in the class 12 JKBOSE Board exams.


These Class notes carry an overview of the main points of every chapter and concepts in the NCERT Books. You can download the Sociology notes from the links given at the end. These revision notes will elevate your intrest in the subject and help you maintain a good rhythm in your academic performance.

JKBOSE Urdu Notes For Class 12

As far the Urdu notes for class 12th are concerned, we have also uploaded the same so that the students don’t find any difficulty in grasping the subject in an easy way. All you need to do is just practice the learning skills first before going through these notes. Without the practice, you will find the Class 12th Urdu content null and void.

Urdu notes comprise of various sub sections Prose, Poetry topics. You need to learn all these topics including textual questions, bookwork and other topics. Besides that you need to focus on grammar portion that will make your score touch high feat in your board exams. The grammar section includes Essays, letters, punctuation etc.

For easy access to all these resources, we have created a complete list of the material that has been shared on this website.

Download the study material of Class 12th Arts below :

Name of Subject  Download Link
1) Political Science  Click here
2) Psychology  Click here
3) Education  Click here
4) Sociology  Click here
5) Urdu  Click here


JKBOSE Class 12th Commerce Notes & Study Materials


JKBOSE Class 12 Commerce has been prepared for students as per the guidelines of the Jammu Kashmir Board, with an aim to help them score more. We at vaadilive focus on developing the ability of Class 12 Commerce students to retain their knowledge through the study material.


This helps the the students in the process of studying the Class 12 Commerce subjects like Accountancy, Business Studies, Maths, Economics and English. With the assistance of concise yet detailed study material, practice questions and much more, students of JKBOSE Class 12 Commerce become self sufficient in working on their exam preparation too.


JKBOSE Class 12 Syllabus


The syllabus of Class 12th needs to be downloaded to get an idea of what you have before you, what are going to study in your academic year. The syllabi is equally as important as your studies. It provides you with the framework of the chapters that you will be studying.

JKBOSE Syllabus for Class 12th is aimed to help the students prepare for the 2022  – 2023 academic year. The Jammu & Kashmir Board uploads the syllabi for various classes on its official website and can be subjected modifications. You can download it….

Check out the latest JKBOSE Syllabi for Class 12. The syllabi is for the academic year 2022-23 session and will remain the same until the next notification. You need to visit the official website of JKBOSE to check any updates on syllabi.


JKBOSE Class 12 Sample Papers


The sample papers provide the students an insight of how the real question paper might look like. That’s why, sample papers should be consulted before hand . Here we have provided the Class 12 Model Test Paper. These sample papers are specially designed for JKBOSE Board exam.


JKBOSE Class 12 Previous Year Papers


Here, you can get the link to get access and download JKBOSE Class 12 Previous Year Papers. These papers are handy and may also serve as guess as they contain a lot of questions that are repeated frequently. The previous year question papers help in  better preparation of JKBOSE board exam. Let us have a look at the stream wise old question papers.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Class 12th Study Material :

Q. Which study material is best for class 12th?


A. There may be many study materials available both Online and offline but the students need to choose the one that is both easy and authentic. As far as supplementary materials are concerned there are many prominent names out in the market like HC Verma, S L Arora and Pradeep’s for Physics, for Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon, ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Modern, Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee and for biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman, Objective Biology by Dinesh, Objective Botany by Ansari.


Q. Is the study material free?


A. NCERT | JKBOSE Class 12th Study Materials – No, not all. The students can access most of the resources for free, but there are some resources, that you have to pay for.


Q.  Does Vaadilive provide study material?


A. We, at Vaadilive, serve only as a medium to provide NCERT & JKBOSE Study Materials to assist the students in preparing for their upcoming board or school level exam. We don’t claim to be rightful owners of the study material but we only share what’s there already on various internet platforms.


Q. Which board is best for class 12?


A. For students living in Jammu & Kashmir, JKBOSE board is better for pursuing class 12th. You can also opt for CBSE


Q. How can I make Study Plan for 12th?


A. Start Preparation Early.

> Keep the Class 12 Study Materials in your phone to access them whenever you feel the need.

> Be specific & divide your syllabus into achievable target.

> Take Breaks & Stay Calm.


Q. Which is tough, 11th or 12th?


A. The answer lies in student’s capabilities. The syllabus varies from stream to stream. For instance, the syllabus for Medical is a bit more complex than other streams. But if you study harder in 11th , you don’t have to face a problem in class 12th. You will find the class 12th syllabus more accessible as compared to class 11th.


Q. Is 12th mathematics hard?

A. As per experts, average students would be able to score 60 out of 80. It depends on your mathematics aptitude in your lower classes. Overall, Yes! Mathematics of Class 12th is a tough game.



Q. Is Class 12 Physics difficult?

A. Most of the students face difficulties in grasping the Class 12 Physics subject. This is mainly due to the oceanic syllabus and mathematical derivations in both parts of the NCERT & JKBOSE class 12 Physics books.


Is Class 12th Biology easy?


A. Class 12th Biology is divided into Zoology and Botany. It comes up with Biological nomenclature and various other difficult terms that some of the students find hard to grasp. In terms of question papers, Biology papers are easily passed.

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