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English Chapter 3 Answers & Solutions | Mother Teresa – Saint of Gutters Class 9th


The name of English Chapter 3 is Saint of Gutters. This lesson is about Mother Teresa. She is known all over the world despite the fact that she didn’t held any powerful position in politics or government. She won many prizes including Nobel Peace Prize. She worked for the betterment of poor and destitute humans. The solutions of Saint of Gutters Class 9th are given below. The remaining questions can be downloaded in pdf format given in link below.

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Q3: What did Mother Theresa mean by to fail would be to break faith’?

Ans. The inner voice which she took it as a call from God urged her to leave the convent and serve the poor. She felt that it was an order which she could not disobey. If she failed to disobey the order, it would mean breaking the faith God put in her.

Q4. What kind of life did Mother Theresa lead?

Ans. Mother Theresa led a very simple life. She lived in poverty among the poor, for the poor and, dressed like truly Indian woman. Even big awards and the money they brought could not attract her towards a high type of life. She proved with her example that service to God is service to His creatures. She lived a life full of sacrifice and submission to serve the destitute and the helpless.

Saint of Gutter Class 9th Answers

saint of gutters class 9th chapter 3 Mother Teresa English

Q5. Why do you think did Mother Theresa learn Bengali?

Ans. In 1929, she was sent to Darjeeling to begin her novitiate. There she began learning Hindi and Bengali, so that she could speak to the people, whom she was to serve.

Q6. What did Malcolm Muggeridge see on the streets of Kolkata?

Ans. Malcolm Muggeridge, a famous British writer, came to Kolkata in 1970. While walking through a street, he saw a small lean lady cleaning the sores of a man, who was almost dead. He was surprised to notice that the noble lady had no signs of scorn, while doing the job. On the other hand, her face displayed a calm glow of satisfaction. He was highly impressed with what he saw. 

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