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Need of JKBOSE English 11th Class Notes Pdf Download?

As you all may be aware that the syllabus of Class 11th has been changed including the textbook. The Chinar book has been replaced by the Hornbill, which comes in two parts. At vaadilive, we try to provide you the best and quality material available. Our JKBOSE 11th Class English notes covers notes of all the chapters, so you can always refer to the material. We provide  to the point notes so that the preparation of English subject becomes as easy as ABC. Starting with Our notes also have pointers that can help you for having a quick revision of the subjects.

These notes will be better than 11th Class English guide. Apart from uploading the study material for English we will also be posting guess papers for Class 11 Hornbill English. The guess works shall be according to latest 11th English syllabus. You can download English book Pdf download in the article below.

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You, as students sometimes feel disheartened and demotivated at the sight of hefty syllabus , especially when the exams hover over you. And many times, you guys would miss out on your class, and it becomes quite difficult for you to compensate, leading to chaos and nervousness. But, Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s grace we will try to make help you out of this situation. You can now use our study material for purposes of study and compensating for all the important lessons you miss. Apart from helping you with study material, we would also prepare some good resources like guess papers, important questions for your exams .


jkbose 11th class english notes 11th Class English guide Latest 11th English syllabus Guess Papers English book Pdf download

Why choose our JKBOSE 11th Class English Notes Pdf Download?

You might be wondering, why go for our notes. Well the answer for that our sample notes and study material comprise  of all the attributed notes of all chapters. The grammar portion also needs to be done by the students because it is as necessary as English book. There are many chapters like The Browning Version, Childhood, The Adventure, King Tut, The Ailing Planet etc. Besides there are concepts regarding Essay writing, Letter writing and other important topics in English grammar.

You have to frequently visit our web portal for more updates on  notes and study material of Class 8th, 9th, 10th , 11th and 12th class like English Book Pdf Download. The thorough understanding and extreme practice of our study material (JKBOSE 11th Class English Notes) would surely make you grasp the chapters and the concepts properly.

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Latest 11th English Syllabus | Hornbill Notes

The notes have been prepared in line with the latest 11th English syllabus pattern of JKBOSE and other exam boards. Some are prepared by expert teachers while some are sought from various credible sources. Our materials and guess papers are crafted according to the syllabus pattern of Jammu Kashmir State Board of School Education.

The students can download the study material like 11th Class English Guide for their respective exam preparation, and we expect that you would get good to best scores in your exams. The material would also provide you with an insight into the exam pattern, and you can better prepare yourself according to it.


Class 11th English Guess Papers

In order to download the latest guess work of English according to latest syllabus issued by JKBOSE. You can download the guess papers 2022 for Class 11th below :

Download Class 11th English Guess

Class 11th  English Book Pdf Download Chapters | Chapter Names

The syllabus of English has been entirely changed along with the text book. The Chinar version of the Class 11th English has been replaced with an upgraded version (Hornbill) . It’s a bit complex and lengthy than the the previous version. You need to prepare it thoroughly. It comes in two books and includes prose and poetry section.

jkbose 11th class english notes 11th Class English guide Latest 11th English syllabus Guess Papers English book Pdf download

This year JKBOSE has divided the English textbook into two books as opposed to one before. The Chapters are mentioned below . English Book Pdf Download Chapters : 

Class 11 English Hornbill Notes

Chapter 1: The Portrait of a Lady

Chapter 2: We’re Not Afraid to Die…if We Can All Be Together

Chapter 3: Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues

Chapter 4: Landscape of the Soul

Chapter 5: The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role

Chapter 6: The Browning Version

Chapter 7: The Adventure

Chapter 8: Silk Road

Chapter 1: A Photograph (Poem)

Chapter 2: Lubrnum Top (Poem)

Chapter 3: The Voice of the Rain (Poem)

Chapter 4: Childhood (Poem)

Download Hornbill Notes: Click here

Download Snapshot Notes : Click here

 Part Wise English for Class 11th English Book Download Pdf 
1) English Part 1 Download
2) English Part 2 Download
3) English Part 3
4) English Part 4 Download
5) English Part 5 Download
6) English Part 6 Download
7) English Part 7 Download
8) English Part 8 Download
9) English Part 9 Download
10) English Part 10 Download
11) English Part 11 Download
12) English Part 12 Download
13) English Part 13 Download
14) English Part 14 Download
15) English Part 15 Download

11th Class English Guide | Download Modal Papers

So far as the guide of Class 11th JKBOSE is concerned, there is no link available as of now. We will be uploading the 11th Class English Guide as soon as it will be available. Check our portal regularly to check latest updates on latest 11th English syllabus and other important things for students. You can go for English book pdf download from the above links.

jkbose 11th class english notes 11th Class English guide Latest 11th English syllabus Guess Papers English book Pdf download


The notes of English for Class 11th should be understood thoroughly and the students don’t not have to search for the notes separately at different places because now you can find it at one place with our JKBOSE 11th Class English Notes , which you can download and use for your studying and preparing. You need not to worry anymore when it comes to getting notes online. You don’t have to stress out  before your exams . Your confidence would be elevated and you would be sure enough to get all answers correct in exams.

A Tip for All Students

The best way to excellent in exams to study more and more at your home. Studying in tutions or schools is not as effective as studying alone at home. This is called Self Study. Self-study is the best method of checking your level and how much could you handle the things alone. But before you need to have good and credible resources like ( 11th Class English Guide ) so that your studying become more easier and exciting.

Our goal is to make education affordable to all the students, and everyone should have equal access to the resources, books and notes. This is why we provide all the resources (JKBOSE 11th Class English Notes) and materials in one place for you to get easy access. You can download our materials and documents easily by clicking on the links provided.


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