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Why do you need JKBOSE Physical Education Notes for Class 11 ?

The digital demands are increasing with almost everything available online. Likewise there’s no need to go to stationary shops to look at those costly book prices and notes when they may be available for free or for just some little money. Our JKBOSE Physical Education Notes comprise of notes of all the chapters, so the students don’t have to look for other sources. There are also the guess papers available for Physical Education Class 11 that you can pdf download from the links provided below. 

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Here’s the sample guess of Physical Education :

Jkbose physical education notes Class 11 Book Guess papers Pdf download

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We at Vaadilive provide chapter-wise notes of many classes like 8th, 9th , 10th so that the students find it easy to make it to their goals. Right now we are in pursuit of preparing the JKBOSE Physical Education Notes so that you can find the detailed notes of all chapters. These notes are good for quick revision.

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Chapter Wise Break Up Of 11th Class Physical Education Book

There are as many as 10 chapters in Class 11th in Physical  Education Book . These are briefly described below :


1) Concept of Physical Education :


This chapter deals with the definitions, need and importance of Physical education in our daily lives.


2) Physiological Aspects of Physical Education


This chapter focuses mainly on effects of exercises on our various systems  of body like Muscular System, Circulatory System, Respiratory System.


3) Psychological Aspects of Physical Education


The 3rd chapter teaches the benefits of Physical Education on our mental health and how Phyt Education can be employed in Sports


4) Career Aspects in Physical Education


This chapter highlights various career opportunities in the field of Physical Education


5) Health & Family Education


This chapter illuminates us on the concept of health and how it can be maintained properly. It also gives information regarding family health.


6) Concepts of Major Games & Sports


This chapter provides information regarding major sports being played all around the world including India like Kho Kho, Badminton, Kabaddi. etc.


7) National Games


The 7th Chapter gives description on various games played in India and the awards associated with the sports.


8) Olympic Games


8th Chapter provides the information about Olympic Games and it’s history and it’s changing form.


9) Diet & It’s Importance in Physical Development


It highlights the importance of balanced diet and how diet can effect our body.


10) Common Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation


The last chapter throws light on various injuries related to sports and how they can be treated.

Physical Education Class 11 Guess Papers | Physical Education Book | Pdf Download

It’s quite likely that sometimes the students  miss out on their classes, and this can be pretty difficult for them to compensate. But you don’t have to worry as you can now use our study material and guess work for studying and compensating for all the classes you miss. Besides helping you with studying, our material would also make a good resource for your exam preparation.

Download Physical Education Guess Work (Option 1) : Physical Education 11th Guess

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Our study material consists of all the notes of all chapters like Concept of Physical Education, It’s need and importance , Sports and Nutrition, various games and their history, adventure sports and leadership training and postures.

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Regular studying and practice of our notes would make you understand the chapters and the concepts properly. According to the syllabus pattern of JKBOSE and other exam boards prepared by expert teachers, our materials are designed according to the syllabus pattern.


Right now, we have only uploaded the guess of Physical Education for Class XI. In Sha Allah, the study material of Physical Education will be uploaded in future. As of now, students need to go for the guess and learn all the important topics apart from other sources of knowledge they have. Don’t rely highly on guess.


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