JKBOSE Class 10th Science Guess Paper 2020 | Best and Short Guess Papers

Download JKBOSE Class 10th Science Guess Paper 2020

Get all the updates related to JKBOSE Class 10th Science Guess Paper 2020. They can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the lower section of the article. You should have a pdf reader software installed on your mobile or PC to view the files. Furthermore, you can wait and visit the website in the coming days for guess papers of all the subjects of class 10th.

The students of class 10th Kashmir division are both nervous and confused as their final board exams are going to be held from November this year. As most of the students stayed indoor due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they couldn’t attend the schools or tuitions for studies and had to attend the online classes which they couldn’t properly because of low internet connectivity in the valley.

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There were speculations that there will be a 50% reduced syllabus and the exams may be held in March 2021 due to the rising cases of COVID in the Kashmir valley. Furthermore, the Kashmir division has seen a lockdown for over a year with the education sector getting hit worse.

Keeping in view the above reasons, the board officials took the timely decision and announced that the syllabus will be reduced to 70% i. e the students of class 10th will have to attempt only 70 marks out of the 100 marks. Further, the exams have been delayed to the month of November, which otherwise used to commence in October.

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JKBOSE CLASS 10th SCIENCE GUESS PAPER 2020: But the government and Jammu and Kashmir board of school education has decided to go ahead with the exams in the mid-November 2020. In such a situation, where students are too helpless to say a word, there are some tips and tricks for them to pass the exams with good numbers and that too in much lesser time.

JKBOSE Class 10th Science Guess Paper 2020 | Best and Short Guess Papers

The exams of class 10th regular are going to commence from 11th November 2020, as has been notified by JKBOSE through various sources (like newspapers and social media) and there are many confused lads out there who are both confused and frustrated and they get confused while opening their books or references.

They don’t know what to study learn and what to leave. What is important and what has the lesser chances to come in the papers.

JKBOSE Class 10th Science Guess Paper 2020 | Best and Short Guess Papers

But there is also good news for class 10th and Class 12th students as they have to attempt only 60 percent of the syllabus as opposed to earlier 70 percent as the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education has announced a further reduction in the syllabus keeping in view the current pandemic.

The students of class 11th shall have to wait a bit more time to know their fate. They have been demanding the mass promotion but JKBOSE is not in a mood to grant them one. In a recent notification, JKBOSE has made it clear that exams will be held for all classes.

There are speculations that the exams for class 11th shall be held in the month of December with some relaxation. The meeting held a couple of days back also pointed towards holding class 11th exams without assigning any centre i.e students will be appearing for exams in their respective schools.

The students have welcomed this decision as it comes quite handy to pass the annual regular exams with only 60 per cent.

With a reduction in the syllabus and the guess papers, a student is likely to score more than what he would score in conventional exams.

With the help of professionals, we have prepared some filtered questions for class 10th annual student so they find it easy to learn in the limited time they have.

You should learn all the questions in the guess papers strictly to be confident about your handling the exams in a satisfied manner.

We have so far prepared the JKBOSE class 10th Science guess papers and in the coming days, we will be uploading guesses for all the subjects of class 10th Inn Sha Allah.

JKBOSE Class 10th Science Guess Paper 2020 | Best and Short Guess Papers

In order to download the JKBOSE, Class 10th science guess paper, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

1) Visit the website www.vaadilive.in in the search engine box.
2) Search for class 10th guess papers on the website.
3) After opening the desired page, download the guess paper in pdf format.
4) Click here JKBOSE Class 10th Science Guess Paper 2020

Download faheemsirsguessforclass10th to download the guess paper for Science

NOTE: The students of class 10th must not in any way take this guess as the only way out to pass the exams. Students are advised to look into other sources as well and compare it with the guess we have provided. The guess is only meant to aid or supplement the students in their limited time. The website doesn’t own any responsibility for any claim made by any student afterwards regarding the guess paper.

JKBOSE Class 10th Science Guess Paper 2020 | Best and Short Guess Papers

The students can also download guess papers for other subjects of class 10th like History, Civics, Maths etc. You can find the links of these guess papers in the education section of our website.

All the guess papers are in the pdf format and you need to download the pdf reading software before downloading the papers.

Students of class 11th and 12th can also find guess of many subjects. These are also available in the education tab. Class 12th subjects include Political Science, Education, etc.

The guess papers for class 11th include Environmental Science. More model guess papers will be included in future.

Stay updated with us to get all the exam-related updates. Kindly do write in the comment section if you want guesses of all subjects of class 10th exams 2020.

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May Allah Succeed You All.

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