JKBOSE 10th Class Notes (Handwritten) Pdf Download For All Subjects | Best Short Notes

JKBOSE 10th Class Notes For All Subjects Science Math English SST URDU | Best Short Notes Pdf Download Available (Handwritten Notes)

The students of Jammu and Kashmir particularly those affiliated with JKBOSE and studying in class 10th can pdf download the study material/ JKBOSE 10th Class notes in pdf format for all subjects ( Handwritten notes ) like Science Math English SST Urdu.


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Students, at most of the times, get confused as to what they should learn and what they should leave when it comes to exams. The hefty references and complex textbooks make students somewhat perplexed and that’s where a good best and short notes come in handy.

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Just like a good diet is 70 percent necessary in bodybuilding, good best short notes are equally important when it comes to studying. The quality notes ( Science Math English SST URDU ) act as a catalyst in supplementing the knowledge of students without making their brains go haywire.

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Jkbose 10th Class notes Pdf download Science Math English SST URDU Handwritten notes Best short notes

Most of the students, even after seeing the printed notes that are available at various outlets in the market feel demotivated and discouraged as the study materials being provided contain unnecessary information which make the pupils feel like they are treated to some mountain.

There also exist some notes, that are just copy-pasted from online websites and printed without any due consideration. Such notes, sometimes are full of grammatical errors and other such flaws that can threaten the scores of the very students.

JKBOSE 10th Class Notes For All Subjects Science Math English SST URDU | Pdf Download Available (Handwritten Notes)

Besides the exam of Class 10th is quite unique and complex from its predecessors for it has to be prepared in full and is conducted under strict board supervision. The 10th class exams should not be taken lightly and for that, there must be a proper study material available with a student so that he doesn’t depend on herculean references and lengthy notes.

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Jkbose 10th Class notes Pdf download Science Math English SST URDU Handwritten notes Best short notes

Keeping in view the above discrepancies and the needs of every student, we have prepared best, short and quality study material for Class 10th students so that they may not suffer while learning.

JKBOSE 10th Class Notes Pdf Download For All Subjects Science Math English SST URDU

These best short notes have been prepared strictly in accordance with the latest syllabus of JKBOSE and are quite understandable to even below-average students.

Besides being short and best, the notes are 100 percent handwritten crafted in neat and clean handwriting.

The JKBOSE 10th Class Notes are handwritten and it is a new concept and so far as the history of education in Kashmir is concerned, we hardly come across a thing called handwritten notes. Rather we are accustomed to using computer-generated notes.

It has been researched that a person learns more quickly after reading in human writing rather than in computer-generated fonts.

Furthermore, the notes for Class 10th have been prepared for all the main subjects including Maths.

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The students will surely feel mentally refreshed after seeing our study material. It will help them avoid other supplementary materials.

The sample of our handwritten notes ( Science Math English SST URDU ) for all subjects is given below so that you can feel the uniqueness and touch of quality.

Furthermore, you need not consult hefty and costly references or confusing material after you go through our notes.

All you need to do is just look at the samples of Class 10th notes and feel the difference yourself. You surely won’t regret having bought these notes.

JKBOSE 10th Class Notes ( MATH ):

 JKBOSE Class 10th Math Solutions & Notes | Best Short Notes

Jkbose 10th Class notes Pdf download Science Math English SST URDU Handwritten notes Best short notes


The syllabus of the Math subject has been modified since last year and it now comprises of 15 chapters instead of 12 . The chapter added are Statistics, Some Applications of Trigonometry and Areas related to circles.

The addition of the above chapters have added to the miseries of students weak in the subject, but worry not as with our notes you can grasp each question easily, provided you practice it individually.

The study material for the Maths has been prepared in line with the latest syllabus issued by JKBOSE.

The questions have been explained within detail step by step procedure so that students weak in mathematics can grasp the questions well.

Apart from that, the formulas required to solve each exercise or chapter have been mentioned in the notes.


For Science, the best short notes (JKBOSE 10th Class Notes) include numerical for Physics including all textbook questions. The complex cases in the chapter might have been explained with well-made diagrams so that the education seekers don’t find any hurdles in learning them.

So far as Biology is concerned, the material contains all the topics and well-made diagrams besides the questions in the textbook.

The Chemistry notes have been made carefully with all the complex things like reactions, nomenclature and other similar things explained in best and short ways.

You will surely feel how easy and short the notes of are. The notes of Science subject for Class 10th overall have been made with delicacy and proper care.


The JKBOSE 10th Class notes for Urdu contain to the point topics including textual questions and grammar portion. The topics like Daastan, Afsaana, Novel etc and the life and services of various poets have been written in brief.

Besides these, the explanation of the lessons (Khulaasa) of all the required chapters are written in best and short possible manner.

Those who are weak in Urdu subject can take maximum benefits from the notes that we provide. These notes have been crafted for students of every caliber and levels. Students are also provided with impressions of Urdu grammar that is going to help them in their exams.


SOCIAL SCIENCE ( Science Math English SST URDU )

For Social Studies Part, which includes History, Political Science, Geography and Economics the notes have been prepared with extra care covering all the topics including additional questions that may be asked in the exams.

The long type questions in the history have the word length of 100 to 130 words and the short type questions have the word magnitude of 50 to 80 words, the same range that’s being asked in board exams.

Political Science is also being covered in the best possible manner with all the textual questions crafted in a brief way.

So far as geography is concerned, the questions have been prepared to keep in view the pattern of question papers of JKBOSE for last 12 years.

In the Economics and Disaster Management Subject, there are only two lessons. The Disaster Management and Road Safety are now being confined to project work of 10 marks that is to be submitted at or before the time of final examination.

The questions from Road Safety and Disaster Management are no longer asked in the SST paper and it comprises of only 90 marks, unlike the previous exams.

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As far as JKBOSE 10th Class Notes for English is concerned, the handwritten notes have been manufactured to meet the needs of all the students be it best, good or average one. The English note for 10th Class cover all the textual questions and grammar portion as well. Besides, there are also additional questions so that the students don’t feel any confusion in learning whatever they should.

The English grammar portion doesn’t include the package, but it can be bought separately. It includes tenses, active-passive, changes the narration etc.

How We Prepare CBSE | JK BOARD | Class 10 Science Handwritten Notes


Our experts at vaadilive first go through many study materials and compile the content based on the syllabus prescribed by many boards like CBSE, JK Board. Then all the basic concepts are highlighted and divided into syllabus based question and answers.


A quality check is perfomed on these notes so that the understanding becomes easier. These notes are then cross checked again to look for any discrepancies. Our main aim is to make best short and eary notes so that students find it easier to grasp concepts.

How to Buy Handwritten Notes of Class 10th

If you want to buy the JKBOSE 10th Class notes of all subjects ( Science Math English SST URDU ) for Class 10th in printed format, you can contact our sales agent on the WhatsApp number (6006873634). The same shall be delivered within a week.

Just stay back and get ready to pass the exams with flying colours using our JKBOSE 10th Class Notes (Best Short Notes handwritten ) ( pdf download )covering almost all the topics mentioned in JKBOSE syllabus.

Stay updated with us to get exam related updates and we will be uploading exam materials for classes 8th, 9th in future (In Sha Allah) for all subjects in pdf format so that the students do not feel any difficulty while learning the subjects.

You can also get education related updated like JKBOSE 10th 12th Class Annual Result 2021 and other related information. Feel free to write in comment section if you have any query or suggestion related to our content and work.

Kindly react, if you find any discrepancies in our notes so that the errors are rectified at the very moment.

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