JKBOSE Class 10th History Chapter 1 Notes | New Syllabus

Class 10th History Chapter 1

The Rise of Nationalism in Europe is the first chapter of History. The Class 10th history chapter 1 is all about the nationalist feelings that rose in Europe in the 17th century. The JKBOSE has modified some chapters for the current academic year under new syllabus 2021.

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class 10th history chapter 1 Notes Jkbose rise of nationalism in europe New syllabus 2021

There have been many revolutionaries in Europe. One among them was Guisseppe Mazzini who was a young revolutionary of Italy. He led a revolution in Europe in 1831. His ideas, later on, inspired another revolutionary Cavour who then unified Italy in the 19th century.

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Cavour is the personality who dedicated his life to achieve unification of Italy. He engineered a tactful alliance with France which led to the defeat of Austrian forces in 1859.

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JKBOSE Class 10th history chapter 1 Rise of Nationalism in Europe Notes New Syllabus 2021

Similarly, there is another topic called the Greek War of Independence in Class 10th History Chapter 1 (new syllabus 2021) . The Greek War of Independence was waged by Greek revolutionaries between 1821 and 1829 against Ottoman Empire. With the help of France, England and Russia, the Turks were defeated.

There were many steps taken by French revolutionaries to create a collective identity among the people by doing many things like A new French flag was chosen, the separate flag was made, newly elected body of people called National Assembly was formed.

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