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Kashmiri Losing Trust on all so called Leaders

Kashmiri Losing Trust on all so-called Leaders Editorial 8th  Whether, it can be said frustrating or loosing cool, or an ambit played on poor Kashmiri people who themselves, are not now interested in any type of revolt or agitation, their dreams, hopes, expectations from the administration and political umbrella have totally dried up. They are now least bothered about the present situation in Kashmir, nobody cares what happens here and whatnot. All they want just, is that, let the day pass peacefully without any new problem to arise, that may create a problem in search of their livelihoods and hamper their business. As Kashmiris have been in this extreme loss since 1989.

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But from past August 2019 due to abrogation of article 370 till now it has been the biggest lockdown, biggest internet gag till now, still, these unfortunate innocent people of Valley without any resentment are moving on, living their lives, just hoping one day change will occur, a real leader will come who by heart would listen to them, care for them and bring them out from all this mess, that separatists and mainstream leaders have cropped up here. All till now have looted and plundered the people of the valley, filled their pockets, built their property and nothing else.

Kashmiri Losing Trust on all so-called Leaders

Here, what I have realised, that we have here political leaders and not religious leaders to beat our heads. Nobody is in real sense is thinking for the betterment of the people, for unemployed youths, for the upliftment of the valley to cope up with other states. Our realization has dried up as it seems we are now very much tired of all these lies and useless protocols that have never favoured a common man here.

It is extremely frustrating to see the continuous hollowing out of Kashmir’s economy by thoughtlessly declaring it a red-zone. Delhi despite being such a vibrant economy is striving hard to open up as soon as possible. However the finances of Kashmir’s small businessmen, transporters and shopkeepers are under persistent assault since last August. Since there seems to be no end to this problem in the near future, why can’t we open up with precautionary measures and SOP’s like many other parts of India?

Click Here Kashmiri Losing Trust on all so-called Leaders – Editorial 8th 2020

No, we should not till the graph of positive cases go down, time for the extension of lockdown should be given again up-to 15th July 2020 for the safety of the general public. Hope you all agree with me.

By: Syed Nayeem

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