10th Class Urdu Guide Download | Pdf | NCERT | JKBOSE Urdu Book Chapters

JKBOSE 10th Class Urdu Guide Download | NCERT | Baharistan Urdu Book | PDF Download | All Chapters

As you are aware, we have been preparing complete and best-handwritten notes of Urdu subject (Baharistan Urdu) that are best, handwritten and to the point and meant for JKBOSE and partly on NCERT syllabus as well.  These notes will surely be having the best quality and best content. All you need to do is download Baharistan Urdu Book Chapters in pdf download format. Rather than go for JKBOSE 10th Class Urdu Guide Download, you can go through our easy note solutions and save a lot of time and energy. 

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If you are a Class 10th student studying Urdu in a JKBOSE-affiliated school, you may be searching for a guide to help you prepare for exams. Here are some steps you can take to find and download a JKBOSE 10th Class Urdu guide:

  1. Check JKBOSE Website: The official website of JKBOSE may have resources and guides for students. Visit the website and look for the Urdu guide for Class 10th students. You can download the guide from the website if it is available.
  2. Ask Your School: Your school may have a copy of the JKBOSE Urdu guide for Class 10th students. Ask your teacher or school administration if they have a guide that you can borrow or photocopy.
  3. Online Resources: There are many websites that offer resources and guides for JKBOSE students. Look for websites that specifically offer Urdu guides for Class 10th students. Some websites may offer free downloads, while others may require payment.
  4. Social Media Groups: There may be social media groups or forums where JKBOSE students discuss and share resources. Join these groups and ask for recommendations for a good Urdu guide for Class 10th students. Other students may be able to share their resources with you.

Once you have found a guide, make sure to read it thoroughly and take notes on important points. Use the guide to supplement your regular studies and revise regularly to ensure a good performance in exams.

10th class Urdu complete notes pdf download 2021 | Solutions 

In order to download all notes in Urdu for the 10th class then you need to frequently visit the JKBOSE section of our web portal where we will be updating the relevant link whenever the relevant type of notes are ready or published.

You need to be mindful of the fact that the notes being provided are based on JKBOSE and NCERT patterns. Complete and full book notes are also given.

You can get the following handwritten notes in Urdu from Vaadilive :

  • Urdu Chapter 1 Daastan Notes (Link Below)
  • Urdu Chapter 2 Novel Notes (Link Below)
  • Urdu Notes on Gazal
  • Urdu Notes on Nazm
  • Urdu Notes on Marsia
  • Urdu Khulaasa Notes
  • Hissa Nazam Notes

Sample of Class 10th Urdu Notes (JKBOSE Class 10th Urdu Guide Download | Alternate Way) 

If you want to pdf download JKBOSE 10th class Urdu guide and it's solutions | Baharistan Urdu Book Chapters partly based on NCERT can

Besides the Urdu notes, you may be also able to download many more notes if you want to download them. Handwritten notes for subjects like Social Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, and Maths can also be had on our web portal.

Complete Notes and Solutions for JKBOSE and NCERT


I am also making the notes that are missing from this list and the links are not active for those notes. You can also download textbooks for the 10th class in PDF here on Vaadilive

Subparts Or topics like Hissa e Nazam, hissa e Ghazal, and Hissa e Nasar notes are also available. Here is the complete notes in Urdu for the 10th class given below:

Baharistan Urdu Book Chapters | PDF Download | Full book All in One notes

If you want to download the latest all-in-one complete notes in a single pdf file, you can download them below. This is full book notes including all textual short and long questions, Khulasa and Tashreeh notes. Download the file in pdf free for JKBOSE and NCERT pattern syllabus

Please note:

If you want to download the pdf notes for Class 10th Urdu, then you need to contact our sales agent through text messaging Or Whatsapp (6006873634)

In case there is some modification in the syllabus of JKBOSE Or NCERT, then we will update our site accordingly to, provide our customers with the latest and updated study material.

You can download the following items for the 10th class here:

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