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Class 11th Environmental Science is a crucial subject that has a lot of scope if continued in further classes. You can download JKBOSE EVS Notes Book Syllabus  through our platform. It is highly recommended that you continue to study Environmental Science in Class 12th also. You will also get PDF download links to EVS paper 2022 . Besides that you may also feel the need to download the modal papers of Class 11th EVs.

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   The JKBOSE EVs Notes Book Syllabus will help students to understand the basic concepts of Environmental science in a simple and narrative language. We hope this material shall provide a solid foundation for students to understand environmental problems and their possible solutions. It integrates information from a wide range of disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture, Forestry, Ecology and Soil science. This is a concise and affordable study material that will fill the need of both science and non-science students. 

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JKBOSE Class 11th EVS Syllabus 2022 | PDF Download

The study material prepared is in compliance with the revised syllabus as prescribed by the J&K Board of school education. The material is divided into ten chapters in a logical sequence which strikes a reasonable balance between environmental science and human social systems.

   The more concise presentation of the content focuses on key topics on scientific methods and ideas and lifelong learning skills of students. The study material is a modest attempt by the contributing team to meet the challenging and requirements of students studying environmental science at 10+2 level.

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Class 11th EVS Chapters | Chapter wise Solutions & Unitization

All the chapters of this study material offer an insight into the fundamentals of environmental science. The first chapter of this book describes the introduction of environmental Science and its understanding, second chapter depicts the characteristic features Ecology and the third one embodies the description of Ecological interactions and Adaptations.

Jkbose EVS Notes Book Syllabus Class 11th Class 12th Modal papers EVS paper 2022 chapters solutions


Fourth one describes population Ecology and fifth one describes different Energy Resources. Sixth and seventh chapters of the book evaluate the Earth’s environment and Natural Disasters and Environmental Education respectively. Environment Health and Natural Resources are described under eighth and ninth chapters and agriculture management is summarized in the last chapter of the book. Any suggestions for the improvement of this study material (EVS Paper 2022 ) is highly appreciated and thankfully acknowledged.

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Unit 1: Understanding Environment

• Concept of Environment and its types; Physical, Biological Environment

• Scope and importance of Environmental Science

• Components Of Environment a. Lithosphere b. Hydrosphere c. Atmosphere d. Biosphere

• Origin of Earth

• Human and Environment relationship

Unit 2: Ecology 

• Ecology definition and types

• Concept and structure of ecosystem

• Trophic relationships (Food chain, food web, ecological pyramids)

• Functions of ecosystem (Energy flow in an ecosystem, Productivity)

• Ecological Succession (types and stages)

Unit 3: Ecological Interactions and Adaptations

• Ecological Interactions and its types

• Inter-specific interaction: Positive interactions(Mutualism, Commensalism, proto-cooperation, Symbiosis and scavenging)

• Negative interactions ( parasitism, predation, competition and Ammensalism)

• Intra-specific interactions: Cooperative and competitive

• Adaptations: concept and need

• Types of adaptations with special reference to wind, light and temperature

Unit 4: Population Ecology 

• Concept of species, population and community

• Population dynamics (Population size, Natality, mortality, density, dispersion and Age structure)

• Population growth ( exponential and logistic)

• Factors regulating population growth (competition, weather, climate, territory, predation, natural disasters and diseases)

• Human population, Demographic transition

• Malthus theory and neo-Malthus theory

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Unit 5: Energy resources 

• Concept of Energy resources

• Renewable energy resources (Solar, Wind and Hydropower)

• Non- renewable energy rersources (Coal, Petroleum Natural gas)

• Nuclear energy- use and limitations

• Biofuels

Unit 6: Earth’s Environment and Natural disasters 

• Atmosphere: structure and composition

• Hydrosphere: Distribution, Hydrological cycle

• Lithosphere: structure

• Biogeochemical cycles ( Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus)

• Natural disasters (Earthquakes, Floods and Volcanoes)

Unit 7: Environmental Education and Awareness

• Concept and need of Environmental Education

• Formal and Non-formal means of environmental education

• Modes of Environmental Awareness

• Role of NGOs

• Environmental Movements (Chipko movement, Narmada Bachao Andolan)

Unit 8: Environmental Health 

• Concept of health and diseases

• Water borne diseases (Cholera, Hepatitis, typhoid)

• Air borne diseases (Influenza, TB)

• Soil borne diseases (Tetanus, Botulism)

• Occupation Diseases (Silicosis, Asbestosis)

Unit 9: Natural resources • Forest Resources ( types and uses)

• Animal Resources ( Fish and Livestock)

• Water resources ( fresh and marine)

• Mineral Resources (types and uses)

• Medicinal Plant resources with special reference to (J & K)

Unit 10: Managing Agriculture 

• Concept of traditional and modern agriculture

• Green Revolution and White revolution

• Pesticides and fertilizers (types, advantages and disadvantages)

• Integrated Pest management (IPM)

• Food Security


JKBOSE Class 11th EVS Modal Papers | Guess Papers | EVS Paper 2022

In times if exams, the Class 11th EVS students can take the help of EVS Modal Papers besides JKBOSE EVS Notes Books Syllabus. These contain the most important questions and are prepared by the concerned teachers. These will help you to clear the EVS Paper 2022 in an effective manner. You can download the guess papers from the link given below :


JKBOSE Class 12th EVS Notes

Besides, the JKBOSE EVS Notes Book Syllabus for 11th Class, we shall also upload Class 12th EVS Notes also in order for students to download it easily from our platform. Stay in touch with us.

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