All India Covid 19 Cases Today | India Reports Record Number of Infections

all india covid 19 cases today Latest news update covid 19 india org List Situation

Latest News Update on All India Covid 19 Cases Today

The world is now gripped in the second wave of Covid 19 with India inching towards a disastrous enigma. As per latest news update, all India Covid 19 cases today (till 30 April, 2021) were recorded to over 4 lakh, the highest ever to be recorded by any country in the world. The list of data has been sourced from covid 19 India org, an independent data aggregator agency. The number of total confirmed cases since the onset of the pandemic is nearly 1.9 crore. Of these, nearly 35 percent of cases have been added in April 2021.

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With the situation turning more and more grim and critical, India became the first country in the world to register over 4 lakh Covid-19 cases. Besides that, the country also recorded as many as 3464 new casualties today, upto 1st May 2021. This is latest update until 12 pm (April 30)


So far as the worst affected states are concerned Maharashtra tops the list with over 62,919 infections, followed by Karnataka (48,296), and Kerala (37,199). The country has so far reported a total of 1,91,63,488 Covid positive cases and 2,11,778 deaths.


The above data (All India Covid 19 Cases Today) has been collected from an independent agency (covid 19 india org). However the above mentioned list / figures do not include cases and deaths from Ladakh.

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Talking of the recoveries apart from all India Covid 19 cases today , as many as 2,97,488 new recoveries were recorded on April 30, taking the total to 1,56,71,536, according to latest news update.

As far as India’s vaccination drive is concerned, the total inoculations touch 15.3 crore, with just 2 percent of the total population fully vaccinated. Now India has decided to initiate phase 3 of vaccinations under which millions of the nitizens in the age group of 18 to 44 years age are expected to receive COVID jabs. But , as per latest news update, only a select few states including Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi and Rajasthan are set to receive 3 lakh Covishield doses each, over the next 2 days.

As many as 19,20,107 samples were tested on April 29 (results of which were made available on April 30). This is the first instance when daily tests have crossed the 19 lakh-mark. On April 28, 17.68 lakh samples were tested. A total of 28.64 crore tests have been conducted in the country from the beginning of the pandemic until April 29. All India Covid 19 cases today have shown how contagious the virus could be at any instant of time.

Adding more to India’s trouble in fight against Covid 19 pandemic, the overall positivity rate since the last three days has been at a whopping 21.6% hinting to the fact that more than one out of every five persons tested for Covid-19 turned out to be positive. This generalises that the daily figures may sore higher in the coming days.


State Wise List of Covid-19 Situation

On Friday, 30th April as many as eight states and Union territories witnessed  highest daily case count. These included Karnataka, which recorded a massive surge in numbers, with 48,296 fresh cases . This was the second highest daily tally after Maharashtra.  Bengaluru alone logged 26,596 cases, the highest for any city other than Delhi. All India Covid 19 cases today has got the Indian authorities on their toes in order to tackle the unabated enemy.

all india covid 19 cases today Latest news update covid 19 india org List Situation
Pictures from across India depicting Covid Crisis


Besides, Karnataka and Maharashtra, there were other states/UTs that reported huge surge in their daily case counts. These included states of Tamil Nadu that encountered 18,692 cases, Bengal (17,411), Andhra Pradesh (17,354), Bihar (15,853), Gujarat (14,605), Odisha (8,681) and J&K (3,532).

All India Covid 19 Cases Today | List of Worst Affected States | Situation Across India | Covid 19 India Org | Latest News Update

The state of Maharashtra continues to remain worst among the Covid affected states and is said to have reported the highest count of new cases, with 62,919 on Friday while the numbers in Uttar Pradesh (34,626), Delhi (27,047), Rajasthan (17,155), Chhattisgarh (14,994), Haryana (13,833) and Madhya Pradesh (12,400), among others, remained high.


For the fourth consecutive day, India reported more than 3,000 deaths, with Friday’s toll at 3,471. Maharashtra reported 828 fatalities, followed by Delhi (375), Uttar Pradesh (332, highest in the state so far), Karnataka (217) and Chhattisgarh (216).


The situation in India is believed to go more worse until mid May. India has already ordered to import oxygen, vaccines, other life saving anti covid drugs from countries like Saudi Arabia, USA, Russia, Germany to counter the covid19 pandemic. All India Covid 19 cases today have been highest ever so far globally and it’s estimated to be even far more worse for Indian state

Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Friday chaired a virtual meeting of the Union Council of Ministers on Friday. The meeting of the council of ministers is the first in the aftermath of the second wave. As per the latest news update, sources said the pandemic and the response of the government to the situation is likely to be discussed in the virtual meet.

In order to contain the spread of the deadly virus, the central govt has ordered to launch the vaccination drive, which will now open for those in the 18-45 age group from May 1st. The all India Covid 19 cases today will prompt the authorities to impose strictest measures and guidelines in coming days.

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