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Best Online Work From Home Jobs in Jammu and Kashmir | Earn Make Money Online Now

List of Work From Home Jobs in Jammu and Kashmir | India | 10th 12th Pass Graduates | Students Can Apply

The covid-19 induced lockdown in India not only took lives but also the bread and butter of citizens across the world. Many people were rendered unemployed as factories, companies were shut and unable to provide jobs. More than half of population stayed indoors doing nothing but some among them were searching for Online home based jobs and like wise people of JK were looking for online work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir . We here at vaadilive have suggested some best online jobs and that too without spending a penny. These jobs can be taken up by students, 10th 12th pass outs, freshers and experienced, professionals, graduates etc.

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Online Jobs 2021 | Work from Home Jobs  | Make Money Online for Students

Top Online Jobs in India without any Investment 2021:


✅Ways to Earn Make Money Online Using Many Activities :

work from home jobs in jammu and Kashmir make money online 10th 12th pass graduates Online jobs Students

Now with just using your Android smartphones, you will be able to earn and make money online through many activities like installing and running mobile applications, executing online surveys, Completing some taks and offers, performing online jobs or tasks, playing and watching videos, answering some easy questions in contests, posting videos on social media sites like TikTok, installation of games, installing software applications, using instragram, Facebook etc. These can’t be considered as career opportunities or jobs but just a means to earn make money online .

Besides the above mentioned platforms there are some best and Free Earn and Make Money Online websites like Ysense, neobucks, Timebucks, FushionCash etc.

✔️ ysense.com:

↪Using ysense, you can make money online by simply taking paid Surveys, complete Cash Offers and executing simple and easy tasks. Ysense is owned by one of the leading online marketing company of USA, called as Prodege.
↪The minimum payout is $10 which almost takes ayout take 5 to 7 business days to be encashed by the user.
↪ Payment methods: The payment methods include Paypal, Payoneer etc that you must have an account with to begin.

✔️ www.swagbucks.com:

↪ Another way to Earn make money online / rewards is swagbucks. It offers online surveys, Daily Poll, Tasks and complete online offers. The site is also owned by Prodege LLC, the company based in California, USA
↪ The minimum money limit to be encashed is $25
↪ Payment methods: The payment is done in the form of Gift Cards, Shopping Vouchers, PayPal Rewards.

Note : Work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir article must be checked thoroughly for any discrepancies and communicated via comments

✔️ timebucks.com:

↪ Another interesting app, owned by Australian Clearing Agency which enables users to earn make money online is timebucks. After installation of the application, one can take Micro tasks, create tik tok videos, watch videos, Complete Offers etc.
↪ Minimum payout: $10
↪ Payment methods: Paypal, Payeer etc.

✔️ www.neobux.com:

↪ Using neobux, you can also earn make money online .The means to make money is through paid to view advertisements, take Mini Jobs, Surveys, Offers etc. You can withdraw as minimum as $ 2 to $ 10 after you successfully complete the tasks. The site owned by NeoDev, Lda, certified company based in Portugal.
↪ Minimum pay out: $2, $5, $10
↪ Payment methods: Paypal, Bank Transfer (eCheck, Wire), Paper Check.

Work From Home Jobs in India | How to Make Money Online 2021 | Online Jobs for Students

work from home jobs in jammu and Kashmir make money online 10th 12th pass graduates Online jobs Students

Micro Jobs

Besides the above mentioned work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir , you can also look for micro Jobs – Crowd Source Worker jobs that provide a means to make money online and earn a handful of money at the comfort of your homes. Crowdsource work from home jobs is one of the best and easiest way to apply for online work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir and across India.

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Basically, the Crowd Source work is a micro level job formed on Internet. Currently there are many best Micro work websites among which Microworkers, Clickworker, RapidWorkers, Crowd source and Appen are worth mentioning.

Microworkers offers many money oriented tasks which include online micro jobs like text creation, web researches, social promotion through Facebook, Whatsapp etc., Image Tagging, Translation, Content Moderation, Data Mining, Video Transcription, Collect Movie Information, Vcode Generation, Auto submission work and more.

Check out the links to various Crowd Source (Work From Home Jobs in Jammu and Kashmir) Working option available :

✔ www.microworkers.com

✔ www.clickworker.com

✔ RapidWorkers.com

✔ appen.com

✔ www.remotasks.com

✔ www.crowdsource.com

Online Data Entry Jobs | Work from Home Jobs in Jammu and Kashmir

work from home jobs in jammu and Kashmir make money online 10th 12th pass graduates Online jobs Students

The next on the list is Online Data Entry Jobs, which provide another way for work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir and rest of India. These kind of jobs require a little know how of computers and some software applications.

The Data Entry jobs include tasks like Audio to Text Transcription, PDF or Image to Word Translation, Live Captions, Rough Draft and Copy Paste Jobs. But many a times, data entry jobs are just scams and dupe people by asking them to invest money. Kindly don’t apply for those paid data entry online jobs sites. Vaadilive does not recommend such jobs wherein you have to do some money transfer . Here some best Data Work Online International Websites:-

✔ www.rev.com
✔ www.3playmedia.com
✔ www.onehourtranslation.com

Earn money through Apps . 
Well another way to get your pocket full of bucks and make money online is to install Android Apps on your smart phones and start to earn make money online. All you have to do is perform activities like Read News, Play Games, online Opinions and Reselling Products. These serve as a work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere in rest of India for 10th 12th pass graduates or students . Here, we listed top Earn Money Apps are,

✔️ Google Opinion Rewards
✔️ Roz Dhan
✔️ Meesho
✔️ Glowroad
✔️ Amazon Seller App

Affiliate Marketing (with or without Investment): (Online Jobs in J&K | India) 
Another means to make money online is to try hands in Digital and Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is a recent concept in digital marketing wherein one can earn money online by helping to sell online products on various platfos like Amazon, Flipkart products, e-Book selling, Online Video Streaming and Mobile Apps. You can earn commission for selling online products from Vendors. Affiliate marketing also serves to make money online and means to provide work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir. Some of the top affiliate marketing sites are Citibank, CJ.com and CPALead.

✔ Amazon Affiliate

✔ Flipkart Affiliate

✔ www.clickbank.com

✔ www.cpalead.com

✔ www.adworkmedia.com

✔ CJ Affiliate

Earn Money through Recharge
Well, it may not be the best means to earn a good money but it can be used as an alternative means to earn money online. Almost all telecom operators in India like Jio, Airtel, Idea etc provide a means to earn money through mobile recharges on commission basis. Those who avail this service can earn money every time they do recharges for other subscribers. You will get your earning through UPI, Paytm, credit cards etc. Recharing mobiles is also categorised as Work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir .

Check out the commissions given by leading Telecom operators in India :

✔ Airtel Superhero – 4% commission for every recharge
✔ Vodafone Idea RechargeforGood – 6% Cashback
✔ JioPOS Lite – 4.16% commission for every recharge.


Freelancer Jobs

One of the most searched work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir and else where in India is Freelancer jobs . These jobs are available in torrents and are dubbed as top best online jobs in India.

After United States of America, India provides the largest freelance workforce. Freelancing means to use your skills to execute projects given to you, online or offline. These jobs can be done without any commitment by 10th 12th pass graduates or students. Freelancer jobs are self employed tasks, done on others project .

There are many reliable freelancing websites out there that you can check and find out variety of Jobs from like freelancer.in, upwork.com, fiverr and peopleperhour. These kind of jobs give you thr flexibility of applying for hundreds of jobs , then apply for particular Jobs, bid for your salary and get the project with a week and complete the task within a week. Freelancing also serves as a way to be categorised under Work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir

The various types of online jobs available at freelancing websites are mentioned below :

✔️ Website Development – Coding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Optimization, WordPress expert.
✔️ Digital Marketing – Social Marketing
✔️ Online Writing – Article, Blog posts, Content Writer
✔️ Software Developer – Application, IOS, Android Development
✔️ Data Entry Work for Students – Proofreading, Editing, Captcha Entry
✔️ Online Typing Jobs – Technical Writing, Excel, MS Word
✔️ Graphic Designer – Logo Designer, Banner Creater, Web Designer
✔️ Medical Transcription
✔️ Video Editing – Work for Youtube Channels, Creators
✔️ Covert Work – PDF to Word, Excel sheet to PDF file. Freelancing can be used as a tool for work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir

Top Freelance Online Jobs Websites:

✔ www.freelancer.in

✔ www.fiverr.com

✔ www.peopleperhour.com

✔ www.upwork.com

✔ www.toptal.com

Make Money Online through Website / Blog Monetization:
Well, this one is my favorite and is being used by many to make money online. All you need is a good knowledge of creating quality content with a good command over the language your content is based on.

You need to create blog or website on a particular niche (topic) , post high quality content regularly and get traffic. Then you have to apply for various advertisement monetization programmes like Google, Amazon, Taboola etc. After you are approved you can earn money through advertisements that will be click on users visiting your website. The more traffic your site gets, the more will be your earnings. Creating a blog also offers work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir.

In order to create a website, you need to check out the following free website builders:

✔ Blogger.com
✔ WordPress.com
✔ Weebly.com

Top Ad Network Sites:

✔ Google Adsense (adsense.com)
✔ Media.net
✔ Infolinks.com
✔ Taboola.com

Make Money Online through YouTube Channel
This one is just a money making machine and best of all the one above as it just gets you loads of money, provided you create original and unique content. You can create a YouTube channel in no time completely free and it serves as a good way of work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere in India. All you need to do is select a channel you are good at e.g teaching, cooking, laughter, gadgets, etc. Upload videos regularly and focus on increasing your subscriber base.

In order to create the YouTube channel, all you have to do is just visit the official site of YouTube www.youtube.com. Sign in using your gmail account, Then Go to your channel list (left side column), Create a new channel and verify your account. After that you can start to upload your videos.

Once your videos get more views and your channel gets more subscriptions, your are eligible to monetize your videos using Google AdSense. YouTube is now used by many as work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir.

Online Teaching Jobs / Instructor Online Jobs | Work from Home Jobs in Jammu and Kashmir
The last but not the least one is to become an online teaching instructor and it serves as a means of Work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir and anywhere in the world. If you think you are well versed in any domains of education like Science, Robotics, Maths , etc and have the potential to teach the students or create online video course to earn money, then you are there to get hired by various Online platforms. Udemy is one of the best website for teach online to make money site. The best Online Jobs for teaching websites are Udemy, khanacademy, edX etc.



Disclaimer by Vaadilive:- Readers , especially job seekers ( Work from home jobs in Jammu and Kashmir) are hereby highly recommended to make all enquiries and seek appropriate advice before acting on any online Jobs / posts published at our web portal. Any subscriber sending money, incurring any expenses or entering into any commitment in relation to any Job Post published in this portal, shall do so entirely at his/ her discretion, intelligence and risk.

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