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JKBOSE Class 11th Mass Promotion 2020 : Do They Deserve It

JKBOSE Class 11th Mass Promotion 2020 News | Exam Update Latest Notification

The JKBOSE Class 11th Mass Promotion has been the talk of the day in Kashmir valley in 2020 and it has been turned into a slogan ‘Only Solution Mass Promotion’ by the students who have come on students in favour of promoting them to the next grade.( Exam Update Latest Notification News regarding will be updated anytime soon)

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JKBOSE CLASS 11th Mass Promotion 2020 News | Exam Update Latest Notification: In many ways, not only their demands are just and valid but they deserve getting a mass promotion.

Below are some of the reasons that show why the students of class 11th deserve to be promoted to next grade and that the authorities should not wait a day to decide on the very same subject. Provide your suggestions in the COMMENTS below.

Why Do Class 11th Students of Kashmir Division Deserve Mass Promotion :

    • The current pandemic has engulfed each and everyone in its trap, mostly the education sector that has suffered the real and worst brunt of the lockdown.
    • As far as Kashmir’s education arena is concerned, the students have been confined to their homes with no access to education as all educational institutions and private tuitions are shut.

JKBOSE Class 11th Mass Promotion News| Exam Update Latest Notification 2020

  • All the students in valley, particularly students of Class 10th, 11th and 12th (who are in their crucial stage of academics) have suffered badly. With their syllabus incomplete, they are being asked to sit in examinations.
  • Now out of the three, the case of class 11th is a bit simple and has in past witnessed mass promotion unlike the 10th and 12th class, which are more complex and crucial than the former one to be promoted.
  • Furthermore, multiple states have decided to forgo annual examinations this year which include Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana, Puducherry, Chattisgarh. Not even this Kashmir’s neighbouring UT Jammu has promoted the students of class 11th to class 12th. Then why are the authorities in the valley taking more time to decide on the Class 11th mass promotion.
  • The demand for mass promotion of Class 11th students of Kashmir division is valid considering the fact that their counterparts in Jammu have been promoted to the next class without any dilly-dallying.
  • Everyone knows that the syllabus of class 11th is too hefty (especially of medical and non-medical) to be understood and completed through online mode (and that too with low connectivity) and in a limited time.
  • We can not except the students to adapt to the online mode of schooling in one go and justify conducting exams based on that very argument.
  • The students have taken to the streets and it has a reason. They don’t want to just appear in exams unprepared and get themselves embarrassed for nothing.
  • The JKBOSE authorities in Kashmir have witnessed promoting class 11th students in past and right now the case is also strong and valid.

JKBOSE Class 11th Mass Promotion 2020: Do They Deserve It

JKBOSE CLASS 11th Mass Promotion 2020 News | Exam Update Latest Notification: There is a time that concerned authorities feel the pain and emotional agitation of class 11th students so that they too are relieved of the depression they are suffering from the past days.

So according to us, the demands of Class 11th students are just and they should be promoted to the next grade keeping in view the above-cited reasons.

What do you think, kindly provide your views in comment sections below so that a picture of what the masses think gets more clearer and it could reach the authorities for consideration? Your comments could mean a lot. (JKBOSE CLASS 11th Mass Promotion 2020 News | Exam Update Latest Notification )

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  1. Mukhtar Ahmad shah says

    Although consistency of unfortunate events and circumstances like hartals and lockdowns in the previous and current year through which we all underwent , left nobody unaffected, but survival under the extreme situations is the spirit which we must infuse in general to all and student community in particular, let to go everything in easy way ,will not assure our survival be it future of the students or anything else we must find the ways and means to keep the standards which we have established,therefore the sanctity of examination in every aspect of life is essential otherwise it will set a presidency among the students of carefree attitude, sense of irresponsibility and illogical and misguided mindset.as a matter of fact the students could not attend the classes and 30%of the lessons could not be completed by the teachers either off line oronline, the relaxation in syallabus is unquestionable besides we cannot enforce our rules by compulsion upon them under the circumstances,but examination is no exemption

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