How A Kashmiri Doctor Saved Covid-19 Patient At AIIMS

Zahid Abdul Majeed, A Kashmiri Doctor At AIIMS Has Been Hailed As Hero For Saving a COVID-19 Patient

Setting an example of bravery and courage, a senior Kashmiri based doctor posted at AIIMS risked his life to save a coronavirus patient. The Kashmiri born doctor, Zahid Abdul Majeed in a bid to save a covid-19 patient took off his protective gear while ferrying the patient to the ICU. He was immediately ordered to go for quarantine after the incident, said an official.

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Zahid, who hails from Anantnag district of South Kashmir, was having fast at that very time and didn’t even break his fast as he was called in for attending the COVID-19 patient. The whole incident occurred inside an ambulance around 2 am on May 8.

According to Zahid Majeed, the patient was not well ventilated and he discovered a possibility of suspected accidental extubation. Zahid was finding it difficult to monitor the patient and assess the whole situation owing to goggles that had been rendered almost blurred in the ambulance.

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Without any second thought, Zahid decided to remove the goggles and shield and got the patient reintubated. Meanwhile, the doctor took the full-blown aerosol exposure from the patient, rendering him vulnerable to infection.

Zahid Abdul Majeed has been hailed as a compassionate and dedicated doctor at AIIMS.

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