China Takes Another Shocking Step At Galwan Valley | Will India Respond

India china galwan valley river ladakh fight standoff latest news update

India China Ladakh Standoff : Galwan River Flow Disturbed By Dragon

After a tense face off with India, that left as many as 20 Indian soliders dead and many wounded, China on Thursday went a step ahead and started maneovering bulldozers to halt the flow of Galwan river (Galwan valley) into northeast Ladakh.

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The move by the China could result in escalation of border tensions between the two neighbouring nuclear countries.

The high resolution sattelite images pointed towards move of China to create disturbance in Galwan river (at Galwan valley) in Northeast Ladakh and India has taken a note of it .

The Republic of China has been showing aggression with India not responding the same way and that too even after a deadly clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers on June 15 in which 20 Indian officers and men were killed.

An unnamed senior army officers has been quoted as saying that the river continued to flow within the Galwan Valley for the moment.

The June 15 Deadly Fight Between India and China

As per the reports , a deadly fight took place between Indian and Chinese soldiers. Some Indian soldiers were thrown off the cliffs in the area and either fell to their death or were exposed to the extreme cold weather. This has resulted in the deaths of 20 Indian soliders while there are many unverified and unconfirmed reports of casualties on Chinese side also (not confirmed by Chinese officials).

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