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Download Kashmir University Bsc Physics Semester Notes and Solutions at our web portal. Download answers and solutions for the subject of Physics here at our web portal. The students studying various PG & UG courses can  download  Physics Notes of Kashmir University from this web post. The Physics notes for  Ist, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th semesters being taught at Kashmir University can be accessed from the links given in the article.


The Study Material that your are going to download is for 2nd Semester and covers the  below syllabus. Kashmir University Study Notes will help the, student to overcome the exam stress and aid them in preparation of semester exams.


PDF Download Syllabus of Physics 4th Semester

Besides notes of KU Physics Notes, you can also download syllabi of the, same. Check out the Unit Wise Syllabi of Physics 4th Semester Kashmir University:

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The wave equation, general solution of one dimensional wave equation; Harmonic waves; Standing waves on a string of fixed length; Energy of a vibrating string The wave equation for longitudinal waves on a thin cylindrical rod; Energy density and energy transmission in waves; Application to Earthquakes. Standing waves on a stretched rectangular membrane: solution by method of separation of variables; normal modes of vibrations.



General Theory of Image Formation: Cardinal Points of an optical system, general relationships, thick lens formula and lens combination, langrange equation of magnification. Abberations: Chromatic and monochromatic abberations and their reductions. Corrector plates.

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Review of Interference of light; Interference in thin parallel .fi/ms; Application to Non-reflecting films, Newton rings; Michelson interferometer and its application for precision determination of wavelength; Multiple beam interference; Fabry-Perot interferometer  and etalon; Intensity distribution. Frattnhofer diffraction at a slit; the intensity distribution; Two slit di fraction pattern; The intensity distribution.




Diffraction at N parallel slits; intensity distribution at an N parallel slits. Resolution of images; Rayleigh criterion; Resolving power of a diffraction grating. Frensel half-period zones; The Zone-Plate; Diffraction at a circular aperture; Diffraction by a straight edge (analysis using halfperiod zones). Polarization by reflection, Malus’s law; Double refraction; Refraction in Uniaxial crystals; Optical activity; Rotation of plane of polarization; Origin of optical rotation in liquids and in crystals.


Download Physics Notes of Kashmir University

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Download Physics Notes of Kashmir University from our web portal. You can also pdf download BSc notes for all semesters and syllabus

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