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Kashmir University BA Sociology Semester Notes

Download notes and solutions for the subject of Sociology here at our web portal. The students studying various PG & UG courses can download BA Sociology Semester Notes from this web post. The Sociology notes for semesters Ist, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th semesters being taught at Kashmir University can be accessed from the links given in the article.

The Study Material that your are going to download is for 2nd Semester and covers the  below syllabus:



Unit 1: August Comte

a. Law of Three Stages

b. Positivism

c. Social Statics and Dynamics

Unit 2: Emile Durkheim

a. Social Fact

b. Suicide

c. Division of Labour

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Unit 3: Karl Marx

a. Historical Materialism

b. Alienation

c. Class Struggle


Unit 4: Max Weber

a. Social Action

b. Bureaucracy

c. Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

BA Sociology Semester Notes PDF Download | Ist 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Semester

Download BA Sociology Semester Notes of Kashmir University. Access various notes of Ist, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th semesters from the download

After you have reviewed the latest syllabus of the subject, Now, it is time to download the Study BA Sociology Semester Notes for All Semesters.

Sociology Ist Semester Notes

To download the Ist Semester Notes of Sociology, Click on the below:

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Sociology 2nd Semester Notes

Download Sociology 2nd Sem Notes from the link below :

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Sociology 3rd Semester Notes

Download Kashmir University 3rd Semester Notes of Sociology from the links below :

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Sociology 4th Semester Notes

You can download Sociology 4th Semester Notes from the links given below :

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Sociology 5th Semester Notes

5th Semester Sociology Notes PDF can be downloaded from the links below :

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Sociology 6th Semester Notes

Download BA Sociology Semester Notes (6th) of Kashmir University below :







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