Physical Education Notes Class 12th | Download PDF

JKBOSE Physical Education Notes Class 12th | Download PDF

Physical Education is an important field and it means gaining knowledge about the body. In this subject / Book, we study various activities which are necessary for the development and growth of the body. You can download the JKBOSE Physical Education Notes Class 12th in pdf format at our website. We have also compiled some guess papers and previous year’s questions modules.

Physical Education Notes Class 12th

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The Physical Education subject is really important in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The aim of Physical Education is the wholesome development of personality.

Chapter Wise Break Up in Class 12th Physical  Education Book | Syllabus

There are as many as 08 chapters in the Class 12th Physical  Education Book. It has been strictly prepared in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by JKBOSE. The chapters are briefly described below.

The maximum Mark for Class 12 Psychology is 100 which includes 60 marks for theory 60 and 40 marks for practicals 40 Marks (External: 25, Internal: 15). It means you have to clear both Theory and Practicals to pass the Class 12 Physical Education Exam.

Physical Education Notes Class 12th | Download PDF
Physical Education Notes Class 12th | Download PDF

The syllabus of Physical Education Class 10th includes 8 chapters that are listed below:

Unit 1. PHYSICAL FITNESS  (05 Marks) 

• Meaning and importance of Physical Fitness

• Components and types of Physical Fitness

• Factors affecting Physical Fitness

Unit II. TRAINING METHODS (10 Marks ) 

• Meaning and concept of training.

• Methods of training: Isometric and Isokinetic Exercise, Continuous Method, Interval Training



• Meaning of Sociology and its Importance in Physical Education and Sports.

• Games and Sports as the team’s cultural heritage.

• Development of leadership qualities and group dynamics through Physical Education.

• Value Education through Physical Education programs.



• Need and Impedance of Moral Education.

• Moral Education through Physical Education.

05 Marks



• Concept of environment.

• Need of environment in the physical education program.

• Role of individuals in the improvement of the environment for health promotion and prevention of sports-related accidents.

Unit VI. YOGA 

• Meaning and importance of yoga.

• Yoga and Indian heritage.

• Elements of yoga.


• Cricket, Athletics, Basketball, and Table Tennis.

• History of the gam. (Above Games)

• Rules, and measurement of the field/court. (Above Games)


Meaning and Importance of Sports Medicine

• Doping (meaning and drugs for doping)

• First Aid and Rehabilitation of the following sports injuries: –

• Acute injuries: such as dehydration, heat stroke, and exercise-induced asthma. –

Chronic injuries: such as aches and pain of unknown origin. tendinitis (swelling in the tendons), and stress fractures (hairline fractures of the bone due to overuse).



The Practicals of Class 12th Physical Education consist of Internal Assessment and External Assessment.

Internal Assessment: 15 Marks

The internal assessment shall comprise Games, sports (kho-kho, badminton, shot put), and Project work. The break up of the marks is as under:

I. Games / Sports (kho-kho, badminton, Shot put – 10 Marks

2. Trekking Marks  – 05 Marks

External Assessment: 25 Marks

The external assessment shall comprise skill tests of Games, sports (any game/ sport of the student’s choice), and Record file (the students shall maintain the practical file by drawing the field, and court with measurement and rules of the games/sports.

The break up of the marks is as under:

I. Skill test of Games/sports (students’ choice game)

2. Record file 

3. Viva-voce 


Physical Education Class 12th Books | Previous Year  | Guess / Modal Papers

Here, you can get the previous year’s question papers for Physical Education Class 11th. You can also download the guesswork for Physical Education Class 11th.

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Download Modal Papers : 

Class 12th Physical Education Guess: Click here

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