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Sociology is one of the most important subjects that is included in Class 11th Arts Stream. The subject mainly focuses on society, it’s history, nature and how it functions. Here you will get Class 11th Sociology Chapter wise notes and Sociology previous papers to help you to full in scoring respectable marks in the subject. You can download PDF of these notes below:

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   With the aid of these notes, the students will be able to understand the concepts well. There are a total of   10  lessons  in Class 11 Sociology book that you can find below :

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Brief Introduction of All Chapters of Class 11th Sociology Chapter Wise Notes

Unit I: Introduction to Sociology 

• Concept of Sociology: Nature and Subject Matter.

• Emergence of Sociology: Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, French Revolution.

• Society: Concept, Structure, function & types. Society: Functional and Conflict Perspective.

Unit II: Basic Concepts 

• Social Groups: Concept and Nature, Primary, Secondary and Reference groups.

• Social Stratification: Concept and Nature, Caste & Class.

• Social Control: Concept and Nature, Agencies of Social Control.

• Status and Role: Concept and Nature, Types of Status and Role.

Unit III: Social Institutions — I

• Concept and Definition of Social Institution.

• Family: Structure and Functions.

• Marriage: Concept and Types of Marriage.

• Kinship: Concept Terminologies, Types & Rules.

10 Marks

Unit IV: Social Institutions — II 

• Religion: Concept, Role and Functions.

• Education: Role and Functions.

• Polity: State, Sovereignty, Legislature, Executive, Judiciary.

• Economy: Concept and Nature, Jajmani system, Socialistic & Capitalistic System.

Unit V: Culture and Society

• Culture: Concept and Dimensions.

• Values, Norms, Folkways, Customs.

• Socialization: Agencies of Socialization.

• Pluralistic and Culture Ethos- With special reference to J&K.

10 marks


Unit VI: Classical Sociological Thought

• August Comte: Law of three- Stages.

• Karl Marx: Class and Class Struggle.

• Emile Durkheim: Social Fact- Suicide.

• Max Weber: Religion.

Unit VII: Indian Sociological Thought

• G.S. Ghurye: Caste and Race in India.

• D.P. Mukherjee: Tradition and Modernity.

• M.N. Srinivas: Sanskritization.

• Imtiyaz Ahmad: Arshafization and Ajlarfization.

Unit VII: Social Structure and Processes in Indian Society

• Social Structure: Concept

• Social Processes: Concept, Nature & Types.

• Cooperation, Division of labour.

• Conflict and Competition.

Unit IX: Social Change

• Social Change: Conflict model and Evolutionary model.

• Social Order: Deviance and Conformity.

• Social Change in Rural society (Structural & Functional).

• Social Change in Urban Society (Structural & Functional).

Unit X: Environment and Society 

• Ecology and Social Environment (Relationship). • Preservation of water bodies and their significance With special reference to J&K Dal Lake, Wular, Jhelum,Tawi and Mansar.

• Deforestation and its impact on society.

• Social response to Natural Disaster Earth quake, Floods (J&K).

Books Prescribed:

Introduction Sociology: A textbook Class XI , New Delhi.

2. Understanding Society: A textbook Class XI, New Delhi.

3. Indian Society , New Delhi.

Previous Papers / Guess Papers for Class 11th Sociology Book

Here you can download guess papers for Class 11th Psychology. These can help you during the term end exams.

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