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Where is Pencil Village in Kashmir

Where is Pencil Village in Kashmir  In the eyes of a small village of Pulwama, we all have learned to write and read by holding pencils in our hands, the next generation is also learning to write through pencil but do you know where in the country this pencil is from? Less money comes from the state, less people would know that there is such a village in Pulwama district of Kashmir.

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What is known as the village of pencils is the village of pencils, the village from where pencils are made and go to the whole of India and abroad 70% of this list used for work comes from Purva, almost every house in Pulwama
the village has a unit, says Manzoor Ahmed 90 Before the decade of the companies were caught from China and Germany, they paid attention here and started from here gradually all the work started from here.

Where is Pencil Village in Kashmir

Has been officially available from here, but soon the work will be ready in the same century, but work is going on here.

Where is Pencil Village in Kashmir

Most of its needs were met, where it was established in the country after independence, it is said that in the 60s, when cedar wood was sent, then it was shaped, later the biggest pencil making company in the country used and used modern machines. Happening is in small big industrial area only.

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