Shahid Afridi’s Reaction When A Kashmiri Cricketer Visited His Residence

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A Boy From Kashmir Pays Shahid Afridi A Visit | Cricketer Reacts

In what can be called as first instance of its kind, a budding cricketer from Kashmir ,for the love of the game, has gone to Pakistan and met Ex Pak cricketer Shahid Afridi. The video has gone viral of Shahid Afridi and Kashmiri cricketer has gone viral on social media sites.

Mir Murtaza, a boy from Anantnag district of South Kashmir travelled to Pakistan and stayed at the residence of former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi in Karachi.

The visit of Kashmiri boy has surprised one and all equally, especially in Pakistan.

Shahid Afridi while praising the boy from Kashmir, was quoted as having said in a viral video on social media :
“He came all the way from Kashmir and reached my home,” He is a big fan and a very skilled individual. He is a talented boy who loves the game (of cricket) .”

Shahid Bhai went on saying that he discussed things related to cricket with the visitor from the other side of Kashmir.

“He has been working hard and I pray that he will be successful in his endeavours,” he added.

Afridi , while praising the young guy’s (from Kashmir) ability, said that he will be happy and ready to share his experience of the game with Murtaza and get him connected with the top coaches of the country.

Besides Shahid Afridi, other Cricket personalities in Pakistan have come forward to welcome budding kashmiri cricketer, Murtaza.

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Director of Lahore Qalandars, a Pakistan Super League franchise, Atif Naeem Rana, says in another video he would welcome youngsters like Murtaza and help them groom their talent.

It is the first instance that a boy from Kashmir has gone to Pakistan to meet the Cricket personalities like Shahid Afridi over there and interact with them face to face. The love of cricket in the valley has been there for ages and there exist many die hard fans of Pakistani players in Kashmir. Let’s see how it goes for Murtaza. How successful will he be in learning the techniques of cricket from the country’s top sportsperson.

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