JKBOSE 12th Class English Model Guess Paper | Class 12th Previous Year Papers

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English A

    • What is CV Ramans Philosophy of Life?(CV Raman A Celebrated Genius)
    • CV Roman’s view about Patriotism? (CV Raman A Celebrated Genius)
    • Why is writer astonished at absent mindedness of people? (Forgetting)
    • How are writers and composers different from statesmen? (Forgetting)
    • What are the things modern man generally forgets? (Forgetting)
    • How did the Sniper feel after having killed the Sniper from opposite side?  OR How did the Sniper feel just before and after killing the opponent? (Sniper)
    • Why did the Sniper kill the man in armored car and the old woman? (Sniper)
    • How did the Sniper trick the enemy sniper? Did his trick work? (Sniper)

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    • How well did Jimmy’s friend prosper in life? How do you know? (After twenty years)
    • Why is story titled after twenty years? (After twenty years)
    • Why does the writer decide not to enter Rani’s Palace? (Leh)
    • Why is the bridge covered with prayer flags? How does the writer react to this sight? (Leh)
    • Why does the writer feel Leh is different from Antarctica and Sahara? (Leh)

JKBOSE 12th class English Model guess paper, 12th class English guess paper

  • What attracted Mirganko Babu to scare crow? (The Scare crow)  OR What changes did Mirganko Babu notice in Scare Crow? OR Discuss Mirganko Baby’s encounter with Scare crow? (The Scare Crow)
  • Who was Abhiram? Why had he lost his job in Mirganko Babu’s house? (The scare crow)
  • How did Christy’s mother know that her son was physically impaired? (The Letter A)
  • Why was Christy surprised to see himself holding a chalk stick between his toes? (The Letter A)
  • What do you think helped Christy achieve the impossible? (The Letter A)
  • What was Zaman’s reaction to Najab’s absence from the village? (Love across the Salt Desert)
  • How was Barnby different from other secret agents?
  • Why did Shahmal want the rooster her husband had brought to her to be killed? What was it that made her change her mind later? (Cock fight)
  • Narrate how Mrs Bouncer befools her tenants? (Box and Cox)
  • Discuss absent mindedness as virtue? (Forgetting)
  • Character Sketch of Mirganko Babu, Addison Barnbay, Shahmal, C. V Raman, Silky Bob.
  • Themes of Scarecrow, Letter A, After twenty years.
  • Reference to context of following poems: Punishment in Kindergarten, Sunrise, When Autumn Came, Inklings from Dark
  • What is Simile? Pick out Similes in poem Sunrise?
  • What is Metaphor? Identify the metaphors in All world is a Stage?
  • What is personification?

English Grammar 

ENGLISH B (JKBOSE 12th Class English Model Guess Paper)

Essay on :

  • Corona Virus and How it impacted the education /economy /life.
  • Online Education and It’s Merits and Demerits

Letters and Other Topics :

  • Letter to Municipality officer informing about the sanitation condition of your locality.
  • Letter to editor of a local newspaper, highlighting the menace of drugs in educational institutions.
  • Letter to principal requesting him to open a canteen in the school.
  • Paragraph on Environmental Pollution, Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Email to friend ABC and invite him to attend a party/marriage/spend vacation.
  • Diary notes about how you celebrates your friends birthday.

Apart from above mentioned topics the students should cover topics like prepositions, articles, relative clauses, sentences and its types etc. to do well in grammar portion.

Note : (JKBOSE 12th Class English Model Guess Paper)

The guess work prepared is subject to ambiguity. Kindly do not rely 100% on the guess work. Rather find more questions and learn them to avoid any complications in the exams.

Vaadilive wishes every student of 10th and 12th classes a respectable success and prays to Almighty Allah for a better future.

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