Zidane Hamid : 9 Year Old Kashmiri Boy Creates World Record

Zidane Hamid : 9 Year Old Kashmiri Boy Creates World Record

Zidane Hamid From Rawlakot Kashmir Sets World Record | Also Known As Nanha Professor or Little Professor

In what can be a proud moment for Pakistan Administered Kashmir, a nine-year-old boy made history by making it to Guinness Book of World Records. 9-year-old Zidane Hamid (also dubbed as nanha professor or little professor or nanha professor) who belongs to Rawlakot, Pakistan administrated Jammu Kashmir registered his name in the famous GBWR for arranging all the elements of the periodic table in a short time of 5 minutes and 41 seconds and created a world record. What an average adult can’t do in half an hour, 9 year old Zidani made it possible within minutes.

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Yes, that’s right Zidane has made this record at a young age of 9. Earlier, this record was held by Professor Vilas Pol of America’s Prude University who attempted to set the base world record for fastest time to assemble a periodic table, that too after two botched attempts. Vilas Pol in his third attempt got it right and arranged it successfully in 8 minutes and 36.25 seconds. However, this record has now been broken by Zidane who is the new world genius.

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The kid is being hailed as a super genius, multi-talented, young hero by his fellow countrymen. He is the pride of our nation, says one of the locals. He has truly brought laurels to Rawlakot

Zidane has earned a number of titles which include: Source of Inspiration, The Little Professor (Nanha professor), Miracle Baby, The Chemistry Cockroach, The Youngest Speaker, and Future Scientist.

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