Confusion everywhere in the midst of Yatra 2020 and in valley by not obeying the protocol

Confusion everywhere in the midst of Yatra and in valley by not obeying the protocol

 JiConfusion everywhere, in the midst of Yatra 2020 and in the valley by not obeying the protocol. After 5 p.m daily lot of families in groups, friends move out in their own transports to beat the heat waves by strolling and moving on the banks of Dal Lake without taking any precautionary measures.

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This shows how much educated we are when asked about virus maximum people told that this is a false, rumour, created itself by the government to make Kashmir financially weak, otherwise, there is no corona. I was shocked to hear that they were denying the sop’s and making fun of this deadly virus. “How much it is true, God knows better,” one Predistranian said, in Kashmir, we are all safe, it is a drama cropped by the administration to stop agitation against the unacceptable orders passed.

Many people gave different views with different opinions, with minimum considered it a dangerous and others vividly laughed mocked the disease. No seriousness was seen in the eyes of the people enjoying an evening at #Makaye #Park.

Confusion everywhere in the midst of Yatra 2020 and in valley by not obeying the protocol

The threat of catching corona at #Makaye #Park on Bulvard road, #police silent spectators. On one side administration has declared Srinagar #Red #Zone #District, and on other hand they allow people to get collected at the park to eat #barbeque without maintaining physical distancing and without wearing masks, putting lives of hundreds of people in danger.

People are so stupid that they risk their lives and of their loved ones also. It is incumbent on the part of the administration to take measures, steps to ban these crowdy health spots where there are 100 per cent changes of catching the virus. People are taking undue advantage of the relaxation given in lockdown. Even police seem not compelling people to follow the SOP’s ordered by the administration.

Is administration and police sleeping over their responsibilities or the government wants to increase the graph themselves instead of lowering it? What is going on in the Valley? What will the reaction of the government regarding the opinions of the public?

In the valley, the situation is becoming tenser from all corners when all the Muslim Festivals were banned this year, were not allowed to celebrate even Idd, but Yatra 2020 festival was given a clear node raising lot of questions in the minds of the people, by allowing 500 pilgrims daily to see the glimpse of Lord Shiva in the Amarnath cave situated at Pahalgam 97 kilometres away from Srinagar City.

How is it possible that those Yatries who would come as pilgrims to visit the cave, wouldn’t be carrying virus along with them, would not be positive, threatening the lives of the people living here in the valley, especially those who are affiliated and have to deal with the Yatra 2020 and with the Yatries. Can 500 pilgrims be able to maintain physical distancing and proceed towards the cave alone without any help?

It is not possible, there are every possibility and apprehension of getting physical contact during the ongoing pilgrimage that can lead to more positive cases and deaths in the valley. Hope our administration would ponder over it.

Authorities have closed tourist places in Kashmir to contain the spread of coronavirus. Surprisingly, the authorities are allowing people to visit tourist places like Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Kokernag, and Drung, thus posing a serious threat of spread of the deadly virus. Div Com to tourism development authorities.

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By: Syed Nayeem.

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