Truth of online Class’s in Kashmir

Truth of online Class’s in Kashmir

The truth of online Class’s in Kashmir a total failure

Life has come to halt, business loss, economy crippled. Still no hunger deaths in the valley. Here people can survive this lockdown also as they survived abrogation of 370 article lockdown. In Kashmir, nobody seems to be so poor that they will die. Here poor and hunger rate is approximately nil.

Only the labourers who have come from different states to earn will be a matter of concern for the administration. Since 1990 till date, many turbulence, shock waves, strikes, agitations hit the valley but we always stood tall breaking all odds that countered the people of Valley.

Pandemic COVID-19 has invaded almost all countries and mortality rate has reached to 285K and no one knows where this pandemic will stop. Till date, no vaccine has been made that will provide a sigh of relief to humanity, although, there are claims that many are under trial and may hit the market by the end of September 2020.

However, as per the statements of WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom, COVID 19 will remain with us for long. We need to adjust with it, by taking precautionary measures to live a life.

Apart from a number of causalities, it has crippled the economy of almost every country and every individual all over the globe is worst hit directly and indirectly. The student community, by and large, is the soft victims of this pandemic, especially in regions where smart classes is a dream or where it is dead letters on white pages.

Further, in regions where this technology has been introduced by chance, not by choice is just like “the position of a person who is blindfolded and is compelled to read and write”.

Most of my friends who somehow are delivering smart classes may not agree with me as they have to prove that they are the followers of this system. They don’t want to tarnish their image at the cost of a student’s career. After all, they are all in this system and need not bother about the students who are from the families who hardly manage a meal in these times.

How can they afford the smartphones to join the Google Class Room, if there is any? In addition to that, there are hundreds of students who are not exposed to this system and it will take months to teach them, to use this technology for their study purposes.

Further, a group of students who are reluctant and have many other ways of entertainment will hardly bother about this system. The challenge with the speed of internet in Kashmir also keeps students away from the Truth of online Class’s in Kashmir a total failure Google Class Rooms.

Jammu & Kashmir has been witnessing similar episodes from the last 40 years and we have learned nothing but proceeded with the traditional approach of reading and learning. Every administrator or the person who is managing the system was not concerned over the years. He has his own way of living, being an administrator is not only the person who will pass the orders and will hardly bother about its implementation on the ground.

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Mass promotion of students may be an option for the administrators, but how many times and what type of product we are producing for the future. It has its own implications with a heavy cost. This type of education system destroys society. The society having this type of future will never progress. It will produce doctors that would be irresponsible and engineers who won’t know the worth of hard work. It may have teachers who instead of caring for the education of their pupils will promote their business.

This type of education will give you officers that will protect their position at the expense of ordinary people. This needs to change. Let us not protect anybody who is playing with our future. You are feeding your own children wages drawn from the misery of others. Let’s remember the children we teach are the children’s of somebody with similar expectations as ours.

So partial behaviour is not a good way to deal with this situation. Poor neglected and rich entertained that has been flourishing in the world since the inception of the world. If honest they shouldn’t beat the bush and bring all corners of society under one umbrella. Giving education to all whether in private, government schools without discrimination.

By Syed Nayeem

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