Promote Cricket in Kashmir Organizers Need to be given a Tight Knot

Promote Cricket in Kashmir Organizers Need to be given a Tight Knot

Loot and plundering in the teams, in the name to develop and promote cricket in Kashmir Organizers need to be given a tight knot.

On one side, the betting and gambling in cricket are on the peak in Kashmir and tournament organizers except few are looting teams in the name of developing and promoting cricket. Organizing tournaments that should have been for the betterment, improvement of the players has become such a liked activity that people fight for organizing tournaments.

Loot and plundering in the teams in the name to develop and promote cricket in Kashmir

If we witness Idd Gah, S. P College grounds more than three tournaments are played making fun of the game and players.

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Only one knock out match is allowed to play charging more than enough amount to take part in tournaments, and the fee structure is higher than the league tournaments. A team pays 10,000 for one match and we have to cut a very sorry figure, that if by chance team manages to reach finals, the team gets a trophy and cash which is not acceptable and sufficient for the winning team and runner ups. On #Vaadi #Online investigation, our correspondent talked to several players from different areas, who shared their experience and views on such tournaments.

Ishfaq Ahmad, a cricketer from Lolab Valley said, tournaments from the last 3 years are pending at different places. Now recently I heard new knockout tournaments have been organized with more than 60 teams across the district participating. And I’m calculating myself the money and everything and I feel a winner at the end must receive more than 50k as winner check. But unfortunately, the winners do not receive the winner amount that should exceed 50 thousand rupees. He further said we don’t even have the proper matting wicket anywhere in Lolab. The story is the same everywhere and we hope things start to change with time. All organisers are corrupt and even no refreshments are given to the players.

Another Cricketer from Srinagar said that the organizers in the name of developing cricket have been looting us for many years. It has become their favourite pastime and they earn quite a hefty amount from organizing these tournaments. They have as if become the owners of cricket here.

Another Cricketer from the Baramullah area said that except for a few places in our district, the condition is the same as the rest of Kashmir. The cash prize isn’t that good at the end. And even the ground and wicket isn’t maintained that well. It is a dream for young cricketers to have a proper wicket to play on. If they could only spend one-third of the money on the development, we don’t need anything else.

And about south Kashmir, except some places, people were quite content with the organizers as they have been developing wickets along with the grounds and providing good cash prize at the end of the tournament.

Loot and plundering in the teams in the name to develop and promote cricket in Kashmir

Our correspondent, after surveillance found out that most of the tournaments remain incomplete and if by chance completed, the winning team is shown nothing with all the money being utilized by organizers for their personal use.

Government is requested to take cognizance of this grave issue and put efforts in promoting players and different games, especially cricket that is played in almost all seasons. Such tournaments should be first brought into the notice of deputy commissioners of districts, so that the amount the organisers collect from the teams, should be properly used and given to the teams and their players, without putting them in the organisers’ pockets. Promote Cricket in Kashmir

By: Syeed Nayeem

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