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No Physical Distancing Maintained Government mute Spectator COVID 19

No physical distancing maintained, government mute spectator. Employees are more vulnerable in catching the pandemic.  Employees more vulnerable in catching the pandemic Out of 240 cases, Srinagar witnesses highest of 46 cases yesterday with four COVID pandemic deaths. Where are precautions, where is administration, nobody is seen wearing masks or maintaining physical distancing

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Private-public transport, that was seen yesterday, busy plying on the roads ferrying passengers from Srinagar to Baramulla and vice versa, was not following SOP, passengers could be seen sitting in the cabs without wearing masks and we’re fully loaded with no physical distancing.

No physical distancing maintained, government mute spectator

Interdistrict movement of vehicles is more dangerous and administration is allowing it, with more chances of catching this pandemic. Shops were also open, with people busy purchasing daily commodities without following any advisory that was to be followed.

Employees who don’t have their own personal transport can’t reach to their offices daily, neither they want to risk their lives by engaging a loaded public transport. Even when administration increased the rate list so that physical distancing would be maintained by so-called drivers, but it seems useless. Nothing is going according to the planning of the administration. Those employees are more vulnerable in whose offices there is public dealing.

The administration must take note of this, and look into this matter personally and on a priority basis. Click Here

By: Syed Nayeem

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