Keep Oneself Engaged During Lockdown

Keep Oneself Engaged During Lockdown

Keep oneself engaged during lockdown. We all go through up and down’s in our life. It’s essential to hold on to our faith and dreams when it becomes severe. We shall grow and become stronger because we’ll victoriously overcome these tough times. We will not settle down in the valley and become angry and bitter.

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Even though it’s not easy to feel like to want to continue – we encourage you to do so because things will become better.

Keep Oneself Engaged During  Lockdown

To make our life better today, we could face call a friend, go for a short walk, read a book, or enjoy being with our family. If you are alone at home because of COVID-19, we encourage you to have something scheduled for the day. Like listening to a positive and an uplifting broadcast in the morning, face calls a friend in midtime, and in the evening, you could, for example, watch some online church sermon.

Let’s water our garden, no matter how we feel, because our feelings go up and down, but our self-value stays the same. Let’s take care of our garden.

By: Syed Nayeem

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