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Kashmir Weather Forecast Latest News Update Report Today | 7 Days

Kashmir Weather Forecast Latest News Update Today | 7 Days, 15 Days, Hourly Report

Get all the latest news update about Kashmir weather forecast for today, 7 days, 15 days, hourly report and on a daily basis. There also exist many sites that you can find the updates about the state of atmosphere across the valley. They provide up to date information but their content may vary depending upon the information they have with them.

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The climate of Kashmir is moderate and not too scorching like its neighbouring areas Jammu and Ladakh due to which its weather remains mostly wet. The hottest months in Kashmir are June, July and August with temperatures soaring to over 35-37 C. The most favourable season in terms of Kashmir weather is Spring that starts from March and ends in May. During this time the weather remains mostly moderate ranging from 23 C to 26 C followed by mild showers and gusty winds.

The spring season is followed by the Summer season that commences from the month of May till the month of August. The summer season is though not as hot as other areas of India like Delhi, Hyderabad. The temperatures can go from 25 to 36C and it adds to boosting the tourism sector of the valley with tourists in lacs visiting Kashmir during the summer season.

The summer season ends in the first week of September with the onset of Autumn and it affects the overall scenario of Kashmir weather. The drying up of lakes and rivers, falling of leaves mark the phase of autumn. The temperatures mostly fall between 26 at the maximum and -10 C at the minimum. The autumn season also brings a sense of chill with it for the masses to get mindful of the winter season that begins from November.

Kashmir Weather Forecast Latest News Update Today | 7 Days, 15 Days, Hourly Report

The winters in Kashmir are harsher than other parts of India with temperatures going as down as 10 C below zero. The winter season lasts up to the end of February. The people during this season mostly use Pherans and firepots to keep themselves warm. Furthermore, the snowfall in Kashmir during the winter season is a treat to see that adds to the beauty of vaĺley and part from that attract non-local and local tourists to enjoy the snowfall like in Gulmarg.

The job of providing the latest news update about the Kashmir weather forecast is entrusted to Mr Sonam Lotus, the present director of the Meteorological Department of Jammu and Kashmir. He was awarded ‘Employee of the Year’ by Central government for his contributions towards the field of meteorology.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kashmir Weather Forecast Today :

What is weather forecasting?

It is a technique to predict the behaviour of the atmosphere in future, though it may vary.

How is weather forecasting made?

Weather forecasting is executed by utilising all the data regarding the current state of the atmosphere and determining how it behaves during the time

Is weather forecasting always correct?

No, weather forecasts are not always accurate owing to the fact that forecast accuracy decreases with the time as the atmosphere is a nonlinear dynamic system that can behave unexpectedly at any moment of time. Though with the advanced technology, there are many chances of it being close to actual values, but not every time.

How is the Kashmir weather as compared to other regions in J&K?

The weather conditions vary in J&K due to geographical reasons and various factors like altitudes, the magnitude of flora etc. Most of the regions in Kashmir experience moderate climate while Jammu being a subtropical region experience hotter climate as compared to a valley. Ladakh, on the other hand, is a dry region and it experiences a very little to no rainfall in some regions.

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What are the various sources that I could find credible weather updates on?

There are many sites on the Internet where one can find information about the weather forecasting in any region e.g Accuweather, the weather network etc. These sites provide you with the latest and quick information about weather happenings and that too weekly or fortnightly.

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