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Breaking Kashmir 4G Restoration News Update 2020

Kashmir 4G Restoration News Update 2020 News Update 2020: Supreme Court has adjourned the hearing of petitions filed before it regarding 4G Internet restoration in Jammu and Kashmir.

President of J&K Private Schools Association said that they got the intimation of adjournment on Sunday evening, as they were looking forward to the hearing on Monday.

Earlier many petitions were filed regarding getting the high-speed internet back in the valley but to no avail. The high-speed internet services have been barred in Jammu Kashmir since August 5, 2019, the day Article 370 was scrapped.

As many as forty (40) rights groups being a part of a trending campaign #KeepItOn, on had sought the restoration of 4G services in Jammu and Kashmir. They claimed that saying barring of high-speed internet hampers work of masses belonging to various fields like doctors, journalists, job seekers, students.

Prominent hubs, like Access Now, Committee to Protect Journalists, Internet without borders, Human Rights Watch, in an open letter endorsed the campaign and termed the absence of 4G as an obstacle and said that the barring of high-speed internet services in Jammu and Kashmir has particularly slowed the work of health professionals who are on the front-lines combating this global pandemic.

The health care professionals that include Doctors and paramedical staff in Jammu and Kashmir are finding it difficult to access desired information and have to often wait for hours to traverse the important information related to COVID pandemic, for instance, the updated guidelines for intensive care tackling of the novel coronavirus (COVID 19) and best up to date practices recommended by the WHO.

The prolonged restriction of high-speed internet access has not only taken a toll on work of paramedics but has also made the work of human rights activists, journalists and other actors working in the region too slow.

The rights groups who opposed the internet shutdown highlighted the growing importance of access to information and the free-flow of communications, including for the media, in the wake of the unabated COVID-19 outbreak.

Kashmir 4G Restoration News Update 2020

Furthermore, people around the world need to be updated and therefore are relying on the internet and digital communication platforms to access life-saving information provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other public health experts.

The barring of high-speed internet services in the valley has caused tremendous damage to the business industry in the valley especially the IT sector. Many IT companies have wound up their business units in Kashmir owing to non-availability of the high-speed internet. This has caused immense job losses in the region as a lot of local youth worked in non-local IT companies set up in the valley.

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The education sector has in the same proportion been bruised by the continuous and prolonged halting of the high-speed net. Students in the valley have been continuously suffering as the online supplementary material can not be downloaded at the current 2g speeds. The current coronavirus pandemic has added to their miseries as schools are now shut for over a month and students in Jammu Kashmir unlike their counterparts in other states are unable to study online through video lectures, online classes etc.

Kashmir 4G Restoration News Update 2020

Considering the above problems, many pleas were made to central government by many regional parties, social activists but to no avail. The central government passes the buck to state administration who in turn cites security issues.

But whatever the case be, the union territory of JK witnesses longest ever internet curbs in the history that have taken a toll on the citizens.

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