The Curious Case of Forests Found in Kashmir

The Curious Case of Forests Found in Kashmir

List of Forests In Kashmir | Images of Forests | Forests Found in Kashmir Essay

The forests found in Kashmir and environment have suffered tremendously. Unfortunately, today in lock down the forests have been found to be targeted by the thieves, having an easy excess to cut down trees at night and in day. In Kashmir images of forests were always stated to be in list of loss due to negligence of government not taking and making towards majors to safe guard it’s beauty. (The article can be used as an essay also)

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The public safety act actually was introduced in Kashmir to book the thieves under this act. But now this act it is used on the common public. It is a different story to tell. The act should have been used against those involved in mishandling the forests.

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As many complaints, across Kashmir, have been received, registered and made against the culprits but all in vain, no action has been taken against them, to prevent them from doing this act of deforestation. Sometimes, even the government gets a big share to allow big wooden logs to pass through the check posts. Even many corrupt ministers till now have defamed forests department for supplying the same in the black market.

To stop this menace right now and today, we need honest officers who can whip up the looters behind the bars, to save the forests of Kashmir.

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List of Forests In Kashmir | Images of Forests | Forests Found in Kashmir

Kashmir’s picturesque snow-covered peaks, fresh rivers, and lush forests have a direct bearing on the region’s economy, agriculture, energy, and tourism.

The forest that is found in Kashmir, face many challenges in terms of becoming prey to human greed. Year after year, cases of deforestation and exploitation of indigenous Kashmiri land continue to rise. According to the Jammu and Kashmir Forest Department, officials and activists continue to lose their lives while trying to save their forests. No doubt, there are honest officers too, but they get transfer orders soon to clear the way for high-class Berucracts.

Forests found in Kashmir are our treasures and help us in maintaining ecological balance. Forests help in the pouring of rains and also reduces the chances of floods.

On this Day, today, let us join hands to save forests and should stands in solidarity with all indigenous people who are fighting to protect their land from deforestation, & climate change.

The above article can also be treated as an essay for students.

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