Editor’s intake: My insight, my intake! by Syed Nayeem 

Editor's intake: My insight, my intake! by Syed Nayeem 

Editor’s intake: Syed Nayeem  My insight, my intake! In our relationships, we often assume that our partners know what we think and what we expect. We assume that they will do what we expect because they know us so well. But if they do not do what we assumed, we feel offended and say, ‘you should have to known’.

This attitude generally becomes a reason for absurd stress and an unpleasant situation. We are not able to communicate our, at times, minor expectations to our partner in a clear and kind way, and therefore the whole drama poisons the relationship, but we blame our partner for not being able to read our thoughts. In our head we build a whole negative scenario that our partner did not meet our expectations because they do not love us, they do not care, etc.

Oftentimes, the other person doesn’t even know what’s going on, why we are dissatisfied, and we still refuse to try to explain the situation, because they should know. And thus, a downward spiral is created, thanks to which something that was initially a trivial matter grows out of all proportion.

The ability to talk and express your thoughts clearly, no matter what they are, without adopting an offensive or defensive attitude, always affects healthy relationships and testifies to the maturity of the partners

By: Syed Nayeem 

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