COVID-19 Pandemic Testing Everyone is a Myriad Number of Faith

COVID-19 Pandemic Testing Everyone is a Myriad Number

The COVID-19 Pandemic Testing Everyone is a Myriad Number The COVID19 pandemic is testing everyone in a myriad number of ways. Testing one’s faith, one’s resolve, one’s courage, one’s sincerity and so on. This is going to be along with the battle. We know that even under worst circumstances this pandemic is nowhere near previous pandemics. Even if we don’t do anything and allow to the virus to spread unchecked infecting the whole world population the world is not going to end.

There is going to be great suffering and a large number of people are going to die but the huge numbers are not because the virus is particularly lethal but it is because it is highly infective and the population of the world is huge. The black death is believed to have totally depopulated some towns and reduced the population of Europe by 50 per cent. It is important to remember that the social and economic effects are going to be more damaging in the long run.

We know that in our population we have a huge number of people who are what we in our terms call “daily wagers” and there are many who may not be daily wagers but live from “paycheque to paycheque”.

COVID-19 Pandemic Testing Everyone is a Myriad Number

What does that mean? That means there are people with very little economic cushion varying from 1 day to say 1 month. Remember that the effects of lockdown are going to become visible soon and this can have dangerous consequences including social unrest. As I said before specialisation in social life has made us interdependent. We can’t live like Robinson Crusoe’s. We need one another. So if you have the capacity of helping someone help him because even if you don’t believe in reward you are still indirectly helping yourself.

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But now the crux of the post. The picture on the left is from Germany where people who have surplus food have packed it and left it hanging so that anyone who needs it will come and take it. On the right, we have a picture of India and you can see.

Remember man is a complex animal and he values many things besides his life and sometimes he values them more than his life. One such thing is self-respect. Keep this in mind when you help someone. Try to help him with sincerity. Don’t make it “selfie charity” and hurt someone’s self-respect.

COVID-19 Pandemic Testing Everyone is a Myriad Number

As Allah says:
“If you disclose your charities, that is well, but if you hide them and give them to poor, that is better for you, and it will atone for some of your misdeeds, and Allah is well aware of what you do” 2:271
May Allah keep all of you safe.

By: Syed Nayeem

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