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Black Fungus Case in Jammu Kashmir | Treatment | Myths | Precautions

Things You Should Know About Deadly Fungus As Black Fungus Case in Jammu Kashmir Surface

As the deadly Black fungus has spread it’s roots in already Covid-19 devasted Jammu and Kashmir, you need to be mindful of this disease and not spread lies about it as the first case has been reported in the UT of J&K. The first black fungus case in Jammu Kashmir has been reported in district Poonch and the patient has reportedly succumbed.

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Following are the things you should be aware about :

  • It is not contagious.
  • It does not spread from one person to other like COVID19.
  • It does not attack normal healthy people.
  • It usually causes disease in uncontrolled diabetic patients who have very high sugars and in patients of cancer who receive bone marrow transplant or chemotherapy.

Treatment for Black Fungal Infection

There exists a treatment for Black Fungal infection and it is called as Ampho B. It’s demand has been on the rise in India as there have been many cases of this disease.

As per the Professor of Neurosurgery at AIIMS Dr P Sarat Chandra, One of the most imp reasons is uncontrolled diabetics, systemic use of steroids along with tocilizumab, patients on ventilation, taking supplemental oxygen. Within 6 weeks of COVID treatment if people have any of these factors they’re at highest risk of black fungus
Giving cold oxygen directly from the cylinder is very dangerous. Using a mask for 2-3 weeks could be a setting for the development of black fungus. Anti-fungal drug Posaconazole can be given to high-risk individuals to reduce incidents of black fungus

Please don’t spread panic and misinformation. People are already undergoing a lot of stress.If you can’t spread hope please don’t spread negativity by spreading false information.

Credits : Dr. Abid Hussain

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