Bandipora Man Designs Automatic Ventilator To Help COVID 19 Patients

Bandipora Man Designs Automatic Ventilator To Help COVID 19 Patients (watapora village Bandipora Kashmir)

Bandipora Man Designs Device To Help Coronavirus /COVID 19 Patients | Makes News in Kashmir Today

The growing number of Coronavirus / Covid-19 cases in the world have demanded the contribution of all from paramedics to NGOs to local people. Everyone plays an important role in defeating the virus that has claimed over lacs of people worldwide. Although, today there are some amongst the general masses who with their skills have contributed more fruitfully to defeat the virus. One such example is a resident of Watapora village Bandipora Kashmir, Mohammad Ismail Mir. Mohammad Ismail Mir, with his technical know-how, has developed a ventilator that according to him will help the critically ill Coronavirus (Covid-19) patients, (/news sources)

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Mohammad Ismail Mir, who hails from Watapora village in Bandipora district of North Kashmir has spent days and came up with a device that performs the function of a ventilator. He has designed the device solely to help the Covid-19 patients who at some point of time, might feel the life-saving ventilators, which aren’t in enough numbers in Kashmir.

Bandipora Man From Watapora Village Designs Automatic Ventilator To Help Coronavirus /COVID 19 Patients | Makes News in Kashmir Today

According to him, the device will help a critically ill patient suffering from coronavirus to a great extent. Using the device, the patient won’t require any attendant to keep pumping the equipment. The ventilator, designed by him will automatically keep pumping process going on. The whole village of Watapora, Bandipora including Kashmir is proud of such persons, said a local.

There have been many personalities like Mohammad Ismail Mir in the valley, who have developed things from free masks to ventilators. The students at the Islamic University of Kashmir have also designed high tech ventilators and offered their support to the paramedical staff in case the need arises. They have played their part in fighting the pandemic and now the rest of us have to play our part by following the guidelines of administration and help fight this menace together till it’s all over and gone out of our lives for forever.

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