A beautiful lesson for today’s doctor who do private practice

By | June 25, 2020
A beautiful lesson for today's doctors who do private practise.

A beautiful lesson for today’s doctors who do private practise.The person seating on the wall, wearing ordinary clothes, bare feet, writing something on a piece of paper with a pen costing 3 rupees only. Let me introduce you to the person. He is from Mandya, Karnataka. His name is Shankar Gouda. MBBS, MD from Kolkata Medical College.

A beautiful lesson for today’s doctor who do private practise.

He does not have his own chamber. It needs at least several lacs rupees to build a chamber. From where he is going to get that much money? He stays in 2 room small house far from the city. How will patients go that far for treatment? So, every day he reaches the city by 8 in the morning and sits outside a fast-food restaurant and examines hundreds of poor patients. He also prescribes cheap, generic medicines.

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Do you have any idea how much he charges? He charges only 5 rupees, yes, only 5 rupees. A doctor with an MD degree charging only 5 rupees from the poor patients.

In today’s world where doctors are literally looting poor, common people, he is a God sent person for many.
I salute such a noble soul. May God give some more like this to our country.

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BY: Syed Nayeem

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