June 21 Solar Eclipse In Kashmir : All You Need To Know

21 June Solar Eclipse Kashmir

June 21 Solar Eclipse In Kashmir | The Important Points You Should Know

In kashmir as reported, the Solar eclipse will begin at 10.21 am and end at 1.41 pm on June 21 , 2020 with maximum peak activity at 11.58 am .

You need to be mindful of the following points for the time the Solar Eclipse will last :

It is very unsafe to look at the sun with your naked eyes or with conventional sunglasses or binoculars or telescopes.

The theory that it is safe to watch it through x ray films or mirrors which is absolutely wrong.

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Staring at the sun no matter for how small the length of time can cause permanent vision damage by destroying the macula the most sensitive part of retina causing solar retinopathy.

So be safe stay home and don’t look at the sun during this period as the Rays are very concentrated and can burn the macula.

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